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14.7.2012 | Jiri Cehovsky | jiri.cehovsky@alternativa.cz

I have exchanged with Mrs. M. the three emails below. Then I asked her if I may publish our email correspondence so that her experiences can help also others suffering of similar problems and she agreed. I have never met her. JC


Dear Mr. Cehovsky,

Please advise me. I struggle since several years with AE (atopic eczema). As a child I had several inflammations of the middle year, each time I got penicillin and this to such an extent that I developed an allergy to it. As a child I had the eczema approximately from the age of 3 till 10, it was treated by creams, however I took corticoids only in small quantity. The eczema came again during my first pregnancy, which was 4 years ago, and since then it has spread over my whole body. Until now I have only dealt with it with the help of various ointments, detoxification, homeopathy, diets, but the condition is only conserved and it does not get better, so that a small stress is enough to make it worse and on top of it I am pregnant again.

I have read in your pages about autopathy, but do not know if breath or saliva are better for me, how many liters, if I should boil it. I know the process of autopathy, AB (autopathy bottle), water, breathe through, boil, run the water through and apply to the forehead, but I do not know how many liters and how long I should do it. I thank you for your time.

Try boiled breath 6 l once, then after 14 days 9 l once, then after 14 days 12 l without boiling, then wait.
Best regards,


Dear Mr. Cehovsky,
I do not know how to thank you!! Thanks to your described process my AE totally disappeared and this from the whole of my body! I really do not know how to express my thanks, I really appreciate your help very much, you have brought me back to life. Before I have written to you, I had AE all over my body, I could not sleep through the pain, I was always greasy, there were days that my skin ached so much that I could not put on my underwear. I was on maternity leave for my daughter, and my son goes to school, I was a total wrack, my care for the children was in a bad state and beyond my power and this lasted the whole of last year and this year in January and February. Sometimes it took me 40 minutes to make my children tea, and my body itched so much that I could not tear my hands of my body, and then the pain of my scratched skin… I do not like to think about this time…, I thought then that if I did not have the children I would have finished the suffering. In the worst time I found out that I am pregnant, in pregnancy was my suffering usually the worst, the condition was so bad that in the morning I could not get out of bed because of the pain, depressions, …And now a baby that was not planned…Unfortunately in the second half of the pregnancy the condition got rapidly worse and this is when I got the courage to write to you and have bought the autopathy bottle. I did not believe in it much, but in that terrible condition I was catching all straws…Today I regret that I did not contact you earlier, it would have spared me a lot of pain.
The first thing that got better was my psychic state and after this the condition of the skin got a little worse, but I did not worry too much because I knew that I am getting better. I also had an ear ache, as in childhood, but only an hour or so and then it passed…After the last application nothing happened about 14 days and then, I will never forget this, I woke up one morning and the eczema was totally pale, it did not itch, it was not visible, and after about one week it disappeared totally, absolute miracle. My mother, who was a great support to me during this time and lived through it all with me, cried with happiness, the both of us have cried…
Today I have 3 beautiful and healthy children whom I cure only autopathically, I cured so my daughters’ flu last month and also accompanying inflammation of the middle ear, without antibiotics…I try to spread this miracle, but people react to this radical change in healing rather negatively a look at me if I was mad, but it is interesting that children and adolescents do not laugh at it…Perhaps this offers some hope.
Once more my immense thanks and I wish you only the best in your life!!!



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