Psoriasis, allergy, anal fissure, eczema, chronic rhinitis, breast inflammation, positive cytology tests

4.3.2014 | Libuse Fortova |

Contribution from the VI. Conference on Autopathy, February 2014 

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Libuse Fortova, I am a high school teacher. First, I would like to tell you, how I came to autopathy and what was my motivation for getting to know it better and spreading it further. Thanks to my mother, alternative healing was familiar to me since my childhood. Later, when I had my own family, I endeavored to heal the people near to me (which was not always met with enthusiasm) with herbs and natural products. I also like to help others with reiki and EFT therapy. I first learned about autopathy about 3 years ago. My aunt studied at the Homeopathic Academy here in Prague and thanks to her I started to read books about homeopathy written by Mr. Cehovsky. They totally absorbed me and I have read these in one breath. I could find my whole family in the presented cases.

Psoriasis, chronic swelling of the tonsils – husband, aged 43

When my husband got the first symptoms of psoriasis, I was just reading the book Homeopathy More than a Cure. First he had found some small patches on his hands, later they appeared also on his legs, back and chest. In his childhood, he often suffered with anginas, which were always treated with antibiotics, and suffers until today with chronic swelling of one of the tonsils, on which puss repeatedly developed and it hurt. When he was about 20, hay fever started making his life difficult every year from June till August.  And now psoriasis. Because my brother in law suffers with psoriasis since the age of 30, we know, how this illness can make life difficult. Perhaps also because of this, my husband agreed to go with me to Jiri Cehovsky and to try treating it with homeopathy. Because we expected to get globules, we were very surprised, when Mr. Cehovsky showed us some kind of a flask and explained the preparation of the dilution to us. It was then, when I learned about the existence of autopathy and tried to study all accessible materials.

I am thankful to my husband until today that from the first day on he overcame his skepticism and pragmatism and conscientiously prepared his dilutions. He started with 4,5 l  boiled breath and gradually, after fourteen days, increased to 6 l and then to 9 l /boiled breath. The psoriasis patches gradually disappeared, first from his chest and back, and after half a year only one patch on the back of his thigh remained. Today, there is no trace of psoriasis left. About a year after the first consultation with Jiri Cehovsky, we were at one of the follow-up consultations. At this time my husband was considering a surgical removal of the tonsils, which was recommended to him by a physician with the explanation that in adulthood the throat tonsils have no longer a particular function. I tried to dissuade him from it because I knew that it will be a big intervention in the organism which would lead with great probability to the return of the psoriasis. Mr. Cehovsky recommended to him to take one week 1 globule (I think it was Lycopodium) and the second week to make an autopathy (where he should repeat the last potency). And so alternate it for the period of one month. After fourteen days we just came back from visiting someone and my husband complained from an ache behind his right year, on the second day a swelling appeared, which increased every day. I told him that the bacteria are revolting and if this was brought about by autopathy, the swelling will disappear within a week. After three days he went to the physician, who told him that this was caused by “the tonsil” and that it must be removed. I sent him to make a sonographic examination, where they did not find anything. This was Wednesday. On Thursday after waking up, the swelling simply disappeared. In the following summer months we have noted also a much milder course of the hay fever.

Eczema, allergy – daughter, aged 8

Together with my husband, also my daughter started to be treated with autopathy. She was 5 years and from her 3rd week of age, she had ugly atopic eczema, which in acute phases covered her whole body. During her first year, we gradually managed with the help of diet measures to get this under control, but an affected area remained on her left cheek. This disappeared within two years. When she was four years old, she once ate a nut chocolate, then half an hour after this took a sniff at a lily and started to have breathing problems. Within 10 minutes she had blisters all over her body. We took her to an emergency clinic, where they gave her intravenous medication and the reaction slowly ceased. At this time we started to visit allergology, where her blood tests showed allergy to pollen and mites. But the biggest problem were peanuts. She could not even smell them. She would immediately start scratching herself or getting blisters. The physician prescribed medicaments, which she had to take daily. Around this time I have learned about autopathy and started with the cure. The doses were 3 l boiled breath, after one week 6 l and after the next week 9 l. the highest potency was 12 l, which we used in single application about a year ago. The physician stopped the medication and my daughter can be without it since two years. In cases of acute virus infections, we use either Korsakov’s dilution or repeat 12 l. The same proved to be effective also in the case of our three year old son. He is on autopathy since his birth.

I was so enthusiastic about the new method that I told everyone about it and made a few lectures too. Some people looked me with distrust, but mainly they listened and I grew aware of the fact, how people of today really wake up, how they no longer want to blindly follow older established procedures, but how they try to get to know new, pleasant and amazing methods, to which autopathy without a doubt belongs. During the mere two years that I practice autopathy, I had the opportunity of witnessing many cases of healing or improvement of long-unchanging health conditions. I would like to share some with you.

Eczema – woman, 32 years

  • Since the age of 2 – eczemas, especially in the elbows and the knee pits, in the course of her life all over her body
  • Worsening through stress, chlorinated water, alcohol, smoke-filled rooms
  • She came mainly because of long-term eczema on the palms of her hands – dry skin. Skin cracks till blisters develop – the woman is physical therapist and already after one massage her palms ache and skin splits (also thanks to the massage oil), the worst feeling is after a bath – itching
  • Allergy – dust, fungus, foods – meat, fish, nuts, citrus fruits
  • Medication – antihistamines (1-2 a day), local corticoids mixed with antibiotics – she applies it daily to the worst places
  • Recommended – 3 l boiled breath every 3rd day, 3 times in a row, after this 1x a week 6 l boiled breath o

Follow-up consultation after 6 weeks:

  • Hands – marked improvement, smooth, still a little dry, but without cracks and pain, she massaged 4 hours without a stop and it did not bother her!
  • After first application – very strong allergic reaction – burning eyes like in hay fever, everything itched – it lasted about 2-3 hours, then it stopped
  • After each subsequent application as if onset of an allergic reaction, but it does not arrive
  • Pins and needles in the hands and legs – she had it in the past – MS
  • We gradually increase potencies, nevertheless the client is content as the largest problem were the hands and these are even after a year still ok

Chronic rhinitis – girl, 3 years old

1st visit – April 2012:

  • Rhinitis with thick mucus lasting already a year
  • She was not ill in the past, but a year ago she hat a virus infection and the physicians could not identify what it is – she had diarrhea ad high fever – was treated with antibiotics
  • Recommended 6 l boiled breath, after 14 days 9 l boiled breath 

Follow-up consultation after 6 weeks: 

  • The mother made a mistake and made twice a dilution from 6 l
  • After the first application – short nose bleed, but quick improvement, it lasted a few minutes, then the rhinitis disappeared. At the time of the check-up the rhinitis is starting to return.
  • Recommended increase to 6 l boiled saliva – and then repeating it every 14 days until the next check-up
  • After further 6 weeks, the girl is without problems, this continues until today

Breast inflammation, pregnancy – woman, 32 years

1st visit – August 2012:

  • Pain in the right breast, production of colostrum over 3 years, pain grows in intensity – sometimes it is impossible to bear, especially at the time of menstruation a large lump appears, the breast is red and the pain is more intensive – a non-malignant tumor was diagnosed under the breast – according to the physicians, it is a case of chronic inflammation where one cannot do anything, she should take pain killers
  • She has been trying at least 7 years to get pregnant – not successfully – they undertake artificial insemination
  • 2010 – a gynecological surgery, after ectopic pregnancy both Fallopian tubes are removed
  • Recommended 3 l boiled saliva – 3 times, each after 3 days, after this 3 l once a week

Follow-up consultation after 6 weeks:

  • The last menstruation was less painful, the breast hurts hardly at all, less colostrum is produced – happiness
  • 2nd menstruation did not arrive because the client had undergone another artificial insemination – it was not successful – she got hormones –  since then slight worsening took place – also psychic
  • Recommended 6 l boiled saliva – single use 

Check-up control in January 2013:

  • „I feel well, fantastic, excellent family relationships“. She feels that this year will be better, the pain in the breast had ceased, colostrum is still produced, but it does not hurt and so it does not bother her – great relief
  • She stayed with 6 l boiled saliva
  • After 3 months the artificial insemination was successful. The pregnancy was without complications and just before Christmas she gave birth to a healthy girl

Anal fissure and strong pain – woman, 23 years

  • Professional Trainer

September 2012:

  • Hard stool – a tear in the skin of the anal canal: incorrect treatment with creams, surgery with the instrument „hemoron“ with resulting anal fissure protruding from the anal opening – it was removed surgically, used were self-absorbing sutures, which, according to the doctors’ words, were not of a very good quality – new swelling appeared – again it was removed surgically – but unfortunately this had led to the increase of the tear. Change of physician – he started dilatation treatment – the fissure gets smaller, but remains 4,5 cm – the client has strong pain


  • She was born with impairment, but generally was ok, for some months she was in a transverse position in the womb = great stress on behalf of her mother
  • From 13 years – strong menstruation pain
  • Bad teeth
  • Emotions: very sensitive, fearing for people close to her, very emphatic
  • Allergy: reacts with nettle-rash to dust, pollen, in her childhood – in her eyes, today – on her skin. She did not have nettle-rush since about a year
  • Recommended 3 l boiled saliva every second day for the period of one week, then 1x a week

Control check-up after 6 weeks:

  • Since the last visit – better psychic condition
  • After 1st application – 3 days strong nettle-rush, which then disappears
  • For the first time in 13 years she did not have any menstrual pain – she could not believe it (before this she took 3-4 painkillers a day)
  • She has much more energy
  • The stool is softer, subjectively no longer so painful, she says that she did not bleed even once
  • But mainly she said to herself that she will manage it, and that it will heal itself

Currently she takes 6 l boiled saliva 1x a month and already half a year does not have any complaints

Concerning gynecological problems, I had three different clients (18, 29, 47 years old), who had positive cytology tests and should these be repeated, their doctor wanted to send the women to oncology. After application of 3 l boiled saliva – applied initially in shorter intervals (every second day) and after this 1x a week, the tests got better and finally reached the norm. In the case of the oldest client, also a large cyst disappeared from one of her breasts.

This is only a small selection from the cases that can be solved by autopathy and I am extremely grateful that I could get to know this method and to experience together with the healed clients feelings of happiness, which is indescribable. I bow to Mr. Cehovsky’s wisdom and perseverance and I thank all of you who contribute to spreading autopathy amongst the public.


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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