23.11.2015 | Filip Cehovsky |

Dear Jiri, allow me to be totally sincere.
You are a living national treasure.
After 3 weeks of autopathy from prana diluted with 20 l water, I feel that my heart is opens, I hear its voice and all my recurring anxieties are gone. I think that it is something like Rudolf Steiner wrote about in his descriptions of the streaming of etheric body. I am aware of several protectors standing behind me and my breath became much deeper. When my child was couple of months old, I had a very lifelike dream, which I remember to this day. I was sitting down and was peeling with my fingers the old, unattractive skin off my body. Underneath it was new skin – golden, elastic and glowing. I have now remembered this dream, because I am going through the same feelings.
Thank you.
I wish you peace and good thoughts.
Ana Nowakova


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