My self-healing of tinnitus by autopathy

9.10.2019 | Alena Mokra |

This paper was presented in early February at the 11th Autopathy Conference 2019 in Prague. Its second part, which deals with the successful treatment by autopathy of my family members, will be published sometime in the foreseeable future.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alena Mokrá. I am already retired, but still work as an instructor for healthy cooking and as a nutrition consultant. I started this work after having lost my job in 2007, which resulted in recurrent pancreatitis. In my Healthy Cooking website, where I publish recipes for regaining health and where I also describe my experiences with the acute pancreatitis and the subsequent convalescence, I write what to eat and cook and how to manage a diet. I have graduated in macromolecular chemistry and I have three adult children. I am 65 years old.

     I have been interested in alternative therapies for many years, but became fully involved only after the year 2000, when I survived a severe accident with injury of the cervical spine. Classical medicine did not help me much at the time, but I was lucky with alternative therapists, who not only gave me hope and energy, but they led me and taught me how to take responsibility for my body and health. I have been using urine therapy for more than twenty years, have repeatedly fasted, sometimes for long periods, and helping me were massages, carbonic baths and psychotherapy. I know effective products of Chinese medicine, also our herbs, I use deacidification, healthy diet and adaptogens.

After the accident, I went through long rehabilitation. I like to practice the spiral stabilization method, tai chi. Helping me to recover was also hiking, swimming, craniosacral harmonization, reflex and support massages.

     Since that time, I have not used antibiotics and almost no medical drugs at all. I went through seven years of body cleansing and medical drugs have very strong effect on me, especially their side-effects. I also minimize painkillers, mainly because I need to know what my body is exactly communicating to me and do not want to have the information distorted by analgesics. I am helped only by additional digestive enzymes for pancreas, minerals, tissue salts and other nutritional supplements that my body is lacking. I also use reiki and I know the Silva method.

     I knew about the existence of homeopathy earlier, but for years I had no idea about ​​autopathy. I encountered it in 2014 and I can say that I was immediately interested. Being a chemist, the fact that information is actually strengthened by dilution did not surprise me. Since the first courses, I have been using autopathy with various breaks, mainly on myself for acute health problems and my daughter for allergies and during breastfeeding, grandchildren after vaccination, for colds, laryngitis and injuries. I used mostly lower potencies and after the expiry date of the autopathy bottle I returned to my tried and tested alternative methods. I didn’t pay more attention to autopathy, I just knew about it and was glad that it works for my daughter and her children.

I. Autopathy (me) – tinnitus

     Last April I had a problem with which nothing was helping. It was a very strong tinnitus in the left ear that came after an unexpected mental strain, literally overnight, and did not go away again.
      With acute and unremitting tinnitus I went to ENT. The doctor flushed my ear canal, but the trouble worsened, added was pain of the ear canal and swelling. For the treatment of tinnitus, I decided to agree only with the prescribed Tebokan, which is a strong extract of Ginkgo biloba for better blood flow in the head area. I also got drops for my ears against inflammation, but the condition just got worse and I immediately stopped taking them because of intolerance. The inflammation of the ear canal was effectively alleviated and within three days cured by swabs with boiled urine inserted in the ears. Tinnitus persisted after Tebokan. I was supposed to have a head examination, but after reading what it meant, I refused. The ringing in my ear has been bothering me already two months. I didn’t want to try corticoids. My ears hurt and were blocked and the strong ringing sound, which I perceived stronger than the sounds of the surroundings, took away my joy of life. Ear candling had helped a little, but the ringing had eased at least a bit and ears were unblocked. But tinnitus remained, and I decided then to start with autopathy again. I know, I turned to autopathy specifically for a single symptom, even though it does not work that way, but I knew I had nothing to lose.
      I have read in literature by Mr. Cehovsky that tinnitus is a big problem for both classical and alternative medicine, but that autopathy could help.
My physical condition before autopathy in June 2018 can be described as quite satisfactory, although it can be seen above that my body has already undergone its stresses, bears the consequences of both the injury and the pancreatitis and has been exposed to great strain. The injury was at that time quite extensive and painful. There was a violation of the trigeminal nerve and the sternocleidomastoid muscle responsible for the rotation of the head and even after its healing the pain sometimes returns. I suffered with the dry eye syndrome and cataract, supposedly normal for my age, thyroid tests at the lower limit of norm and low blood pressure. Added in the recent years was reduced bone density and slight joint wear, but without pain.

     Before 2018, I had occasional inflammation of the urethra, which I treated with autopathy and although successfully, it kept on returning. In times of increased mental stress I felt pain in the kidney area, which was described as psychosomatic. After spraining the ankle, Bursitis developed.    
     Regarding the psyche and attunement, I realized how a physician, instead of encouraging a person, can frighten him if he does not want to be treated classically with chemistry. With the help of autopathy from Prana, I have then dissolved negative thoughts, fears and anxieties and also sadness and inner agitation. So much for my health in June in 2018.

     Now I will describe to you how I proceeded with autopathy and how my body responded to potency increasing.  

June 2018 – the beginning

     17.6.2018 BB (boiled breath) 1,5 l. New bottle. After application, the ear pain became stronger, the left ear is blocked and humming. I repeated 1.5 l once every two days, the tinnitus was stronger mostly in the morning after the application and in the evening it sometimes ceased, but the other ear started humming as well. I used swabs with boiled urine again for both ears. I also tried foot reflexology and tinnitus got worse, so after 14 days I increased BB to 2 liters. Great fatigue arrived, occasionally stinging pain in the ear, my hip joint started to hurt, where I had an old injury from 2015 – sprained muscles after slipping.
     Because I was exhausted psychically, I tried Prana 5 in the potency of 1,5 liter in a separate new bottle. The ears whistled less now and the noise was bearable. After the Prana came a surge of energy, I cleared the pantry and began to paint it, tinnitus or not 🙂 Probably due to too much walking stairs, my ankle that I sprained in 2017 started to hurt again. I gradually increased BB by half a liter.

July 2018

     Tinnitus now flactuating, sometimes it was more, sometimes it just hummed, rustled and whistled, but in both ears and the left one more. I continued with Prana 5 and increased to 6 liters, due to the anxieties and worries that overwhelmed me. The ankle stopped swelling and had hurt less, the urine was cloudy and smelled in the morning. My flanks had hurt, so I started with herbs to cleanse the kidneys and urinary tract and Tepperwein’s mixture to de-acidify. Also D mannose with propolis.
     Appearance of a tick in the eye, furthermore it is a full moon and a lunar eclipse. I am receptive to the moon. I take more magnesium and add saliva autopathy, BSB (boiled saliva and breath) 3 l every second day, due to turbid urine.
     At the end of July the urine had cleared, but I my gums started bleeding, which I have never had before – perhaps cleansing in the area of ​​the head, and also the tic in the eye continued, now both-sided. I am adding magnesium and Schüssler’s tissue salts.

August 2018

     The gums no longer hurt, the urine does not smell, the tick stops. The humming noise in the ears continues, but it is more bearable, the ankle continues to hurt. Always after autopathy there is a momentary relief of pain. I have more energy, I paint half the apartment, but I find that stress always makes the tinnitus worse.

     4.8.2018 Prana 5 from 7 liters. After prana, my head spins, the ankle aches again, I put herbal patches on it, urine compresses. 10.8.2018 Prana 2 from 9.5 l and next day BB 4 l. Ankle stopped hurting.

September 2018

     Tinnitus persists but is slightly weaker. I return to BB and within a month increase the potency in intervals of two to three days, according to my feeling and time, until I get to BB 8,5 l on 10.9.2018.
      16.9.2018 Prana 5 14 l – short larger improvement.
      17.9.2018 the time of my autopathy bottle for BB expires and so I try a one-time increase in BB to 17 l, it is by 100%. I wanted to know what it would do, but after the administration there was a strong ringing in my ears, my left ear was blocked the whole day, the other one too, my eyes are dry, the tongue feels as if burned, the right hip hurts, a reverse symptom? My gums are bleeding again. The ear hurts inside, and relief comes only in the evening. I feel fatigue as if before flu and take Chinese herbs, half of my head hurts, my back and the area around my neck itch, I put urine swabs in my ears, let the potency of BB work and wait. I feel tired. I will have to go back to lower potency and raise it more slowly.
     24.9.2018 I increase Prana 5 to 15 l, after application occasional strongly ringing in my ears, the great fatigue continues.

October 2018

     1.10.2018 I return after 14 days with a new bottle and BB back to 9 l and gradually every 3 days increase by 1 l. In addition, I put the dilution on my forehead and in both ears.
     The bottle for Prana expires on 20.10.2018 and so I make also here a single increase to 30 l to seewhat will it do. For a few days I feel inner agitation, increased sweating, I take Oscillococcinum. This period is very difficult and psychically demanding for me because of problems in my family. I feel I can handle it better with Prana.

November 2018

     Again, turbid urine, 16.11.2018 adding saliva, I’m on BSB 16 liters. 19.11.2018 I have a new bottle for Prana 5, returning to 18 liters, the humming sound varies, I feel again like before a flu, repaired dead tooth started to hurt that did not hurt for 6 years. It hurts only one day, but very much. I increase further by 2 l BB to 18 l. There is a strange muscle spasm in my face that disappears overnight after the application of urine compresses on both cheeks. I am not surprised and patiently accept the reactions. Gradually increasing to BSB 20 l.

December 2018

     8.12. 2018 my elbow that was injured a year ago starts to hurt. Furthermore, the hip joint hurts again, lumbar spine and on December 15, the pancreas. Blood analysis revealed strong irritation, fortunately not inflammation. Relief did not come until 4.1. 2019. In Prana 5 I arrived to 30 l in January 2019 and in BB in a new bottle to 22 l in January. Tinnitus was already quite tolerable at that time.

     I have described my experiences so far at the conference in February 2, 2019 in Prague and since it has been some time since, I add here how I continued with autopathy after that. In Prana I got to 50 liters and the worries, fears and restlessness have subsided and no longer returned. I feel confident that my way is right and that no one can force me to take medicines that I know would not help me anyway. I continue with Prana always with a new vial and then use the bottle for breath without boiling. From 30 l onwards I no longer cooked saliva nor breath. I make Prana now every three months, still from 50 l and breath without boiling from 70 l every 14 days. I plan to increase autopathy from breath.

     Tinnitus is currently already very mild, unobtrusive, but has not disappeared. Sometimes it is only in the left ear if it can still be called tinnitus, because it is more like rustling. Compared to the last year, I feel a huge relief and when there is sometime a stronger ringing sound, it usually stops within a minute. But this sometimes happens, and I feel that the body is still working on something. Another improvement in addition to a better psychic condition is that lately I have not been so often bothered by urinary tract infections. In a slight discomfort, in addition to autopathy, one or two mugs of tea is enough to clear it and it is good again. The dry eye syndrome is minimal. I have not made any medical tests about the state of my body, but with sufficient movement and rest I feel fine.


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