14.7.2010 | Lenka Schwarzova |

I want to share with the people who read these lines my story about the astonishing effects of autopathy. I have been working professionally with autopathy already 6 years and apply it of course on myself with breaks of various lengths since 3 years, when my husband suddenly died in my presence. It was unexpected, shocking, terrible. I had a life crises. I was immediately put on drugs for my nerves because I had to arrange many things and could not afford to break down and do nothing. This had meant that all the pain stayed inside me and did not come out.

6 weeks later I got ill (or rather it was my soul, which got ill), the ambulance had to come 2x, each time unusually high blood pressure, high pulse, depression, pain in the chest, anxiety.., in the hospital they did not know how to help me, I got 10 tablets a day, infusions, I had bad blood tests, high cholesterol, some kind of inflammation in the body? They sent me home, I took medicines, I could not work, concentrate, sleep, I felt sick all time, without interest, I only lay in bed. I lost 6 kg in weight. It was suggested to me to visit a psychiatrist, who prescribed me anti-depressives, which made me so sick that I expected that I will have to go back to the hospital.

At this moment I woke up somehow and said to myself: why don’t you heal yourself with autopathy? I have no idea why I did not use autopathy when the first signs of the problems started. In the shock that I lived through I did not think what I can do for myself. Still that day I made myself a dilution from 6 l water and a miracle happened – the next day as if I was a new person. All problems were retreating. Now I use 2x a week a dilution from 8 l water, it is 14 days now, I feel marvellous, full of energy, and I started to work again. Every day I reduce the quantity of the addictive medicaments that I got from the doctor and feel fine.

Only a pity that not more people use autopathy, because they do not believe in it. I meet frequently with the attitude that “something like that cannot heal me!” It can, believe me. I wish all people will encounter autopathy, it is a big blessing and I do not exaggerate at all.


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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