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21.1.2018 | Michaela Gebert | michaela@gebert.at

A contribution from the conference on Autopathy 2017 in Prague

Ladies and Gentlemen. As some of you know, I live a long time in Austria and since 2013 have been disseminating autopathy. It is a Sisyphus work, because the Austrians, and especially the Viennese, do not belong to the most flexible and open-minded people. Nevertheless, as far as autopathy is concerned, there is a slight tendency for an increase here and I believe that this will get stronger in the years to come.

I started using autopathy five years ago in 2012, because I used to suffer from strong eczemas, allergies and problems with digestion. Thanks to autopathy, these got better by good 90% and now, for the past 2 years, I am in a stabilized condition not requiring any maintenance by autopathy. However, the tendency to eczemas will probably remain. Besides this, I would also like to get rid of the rest of my sun allergy. I am trying to find the best way how to achieve it. I have tried high dilutions (25-60 l) of bodily substances as well as prana and deep down hoped that I will arrive at a state of insight, absolute bliss, contentment, ideal health and spiritual beauty. However, the only effect was a partial return of the eczema. And so I started with 3 litres again. This had proved to be better, because nothing got worse, but it also was not ideal, because nothing improved either. Unfortunately, I do not belong to those etheric beings who instinctively feel which potency is the best for them at a particular time, but I have decided to compromise and ascertained the potency using my pendulum. I have been experimenting with it for almost a year now and apply mainly non-boiled breath in the potencies of 10 till 20 litres. It seems to have been a good strategy, the eczema is gone. When the summer is past, we will see if also the symptoms of my sun allergy had been reduced. In any case, something is happening, because I not only cannot eat sweet things anymore, but they became repulsive to me. Also alcohol unfortunately no longer tastes good and I eat now only a fraction of the quantities I have been eating before.

I have prepared for you several short stories of people, whom I helped to discover autopathy. One can see how differently, but sometimes also similarly, people react to autopathy.

I will start with a friend, who for two years has been sceptically listening to my enthusiastic praises of autopathy. Because she also has been suffering from eczema for many years and in the last couple of years also from states of anxiety, she decided, with a large portion of scepticism, to start with autopathy after all. I explained to her how to do it and she continued alone.

The first application was 14.3.2014, starting with 1 l, alternating saliva and boiled breath roughly 2-3x a week.

Immediately after the first application, she no longer liked white coffee.

After two applications she went skiing to Chopok, where she was surprised by diarrhoea and strong menstruation.

Eczema, with bothered her all the time since I’ve known her, started to disappear.

From 6 litres onwards, the eczema started returning in same places. She had to start applying salve on it so that she could stand the itching. However, gradually, it disappeared again.

She had been increasing up to 9,5 minutes, thus 19 litres, until April 2016. All this time she has not been feeling „unwell“ in any form, on the contrary, she had more energy and an ability to handle greater psychic stress.

Then came a period with a lack of time for personal life and rest. She had stopped the therapy. After three weeks the eczema started to return. At first it only itched, at the end of August it was in its previous state.

5.9.2016 she started using autopathy again (from 12 l) and already in the second week the eczema got better. She had at this time great psychic pressure because of an illness of a family member.

On 14 litres, thus around 23.9.2016, the eczema got much worse, so much that she asked a dermatologist to recommend a medicament. She used hydrocortisone creme twice, this was 26.9.2016.  She did not have to use it again, the worsening was only temporary.

At the end of October 2016, she prepared 2 l according to the assessment by the pendulum and since then has been using 8 l boiled saliva and breath more or less 2x a week. She no longer notes down anything, she applies autopathy mainly when she has a feeling that she needs more energy. I also remember that she told me that thanks to autopathy, her perception of nature has changed. She feels herself to be its integral part.

When she has a more demanding program and wants to manage taking care of the family, work, she uses autopathy. She is sure that it has an excellent influence on the psyche.

The last time that she had a runny nose was after the first application of autopathy, that is not whole 3 years ago. She is almost never ill.

Her diet habits have changed. She eats now only a very little meat. In the past she could eat red meat daily. She feels that her body can tell her what it needs.

One little anecdote: Exactly at a time, when this friend was about to decide whether to start with autopathy or not, she went with her eleven-year-old daughter who has been suffering from eczemas, occasional headaches and burning in the area of the urinary bladder, to a paediatrician, who recommended to her – guess what? Autopathy – and this 1x a day non-boiled breath, followed by 7-10 days waiting how it develops… It always got better.

Here I have a case of a 65-year-old man, who contacted me because of the following complaints: sugar level on the border of norm, strong nerve pains in the thigh, frequent herpes and states of psychic stress, which was caused by a tragic death in the family.

He knew almost nothing about autopathy. Only that my father, whom he knows, had praised it. When I started to explain to him what autopathy is about, he kept shaking his head and repeating that it can never work. Nevertheless, he not only started with it, but also diligently continued and has been using autopathy until today.

He started with boiled breath and saliva in the potency of 1 litre. The pain in the thigh disappeared almost immediately. The sugar oscillated slightly in the beginning. Further improvements arrived only when he reached the dilution of 10 litres. The herpes had stopped, he is no longer ill and has been feeling much better also psychically. He has also been trying to positively influence his wife, who has a tendency to an unhealthy life style. The sugar level was slightly reduced. To support this also from another viewpoint, I have recommended to him the book by Tomas Kaspar Kruta hra o tve zdravi, where it is vividly described, what the increased sugar level in blood causes and how to prevent it.

Every time, when we see each other, he repeats that he does not believe that his condition improved because of autopathy, but says that he is afraid to stop, so that it does not return again. We have agreed that he will continue increasing up to 25 litres, because he is the type for whom higher potencies work better. Then we will see how to continue.

Then I have here a case of a woman, who had spoken to me after a lecture on autopathy, which I held last year in Vienna. She told me that she wanted to try autopathy because of her atypical green star accompanied by normal eye pressure. She had bought the book Get well with autopathy and followed the instructions in the book.

After a short while she contacted me and told me that she has been using autopathy every day, made from boiled saliva in the potency of 1 litre, and that the heartburn, which had been bothering her mainly at night, had suddenly stopped. This remained so for a longer time, but then it started to bother her again. I recommended to her to increase the dilution.

I met her again about two months later. She was exultant. She said that the heartburn had stopped completely and that she had a period, when she suddenly could read everything without glasses. However, this did not last a long time. Besides this, she does not have the small warts anymore, which she had all over her body. She has been continuing with autopathy whenever she thinks she needs it.

And finally, I have a case of a woman, who, when I met her for the first time two years ago, was in a very difficult life situation. She was born in Slovakia and moved to Vienna with her two children. She did not have work and tried to find some, but it was cumbersome. She had heard about autopathy from a friend of hers. She wanted to try it to get rid of nightmares, which plagued her and made her life difficult.

During our first meeting I tried to explain to her in detail how autopathy works and how to apply it. I had a feeling then that she is not listening to me much, she seemed to be faraway. I have not given it much hope, I had the feeling that autopathy will be too complex for her. Nevertheless, I have written for her a plan for autopathic healing and gave her a filter.

Then I have not heard from her for a long time, I only know what my friend told me that it had taken a long time before she started with autopathy. I met her again personally at the end of November of last year to give her two autopathy bottles. I was surprised to see her so composed and happy. I did not want to ask her too much about the effect of autopathy, because I was convinced that she practiced it only marginally. She started to talk about it herself, but I was just in a hurry. I asked her to briefly write her story and to send it to me. Here it is. I quote:

‚I tried autopathy about two years ago. I had nightmares, heavy dreams, which kept me from sleeping, every night I suffered from insomnia and strange depressions, which took place at night in the dreams, when I woke up in sweat and out of breath and could not fall asleep again. During the day I had no energy, was weak and unconcentrated. The doctor prescribed strong medicaments, which have not helped me. I had made autopathy for the first time from boiled saliva in the dilution of three and a half litre. Immediately after the first application I slept without problems and the following nights as well! The tormenting dreams, problems with concentration, weakness and depression disappeared immediately and arrived had enjoyment of life. Every morning I felt that I am stronger and stronger, that I can be happy and laugh again, that I can master everyday life and work. I stopped taking the medicaments and have not been taking them until today, because it was not necessary. Since then I have not had any health problems – absolutely none, which I have never experienced before. I do not need any medicaments, nothing… a miracle!!! The most interesting is that I have used boiled saliva in the potency of 3 and ½ litres only a couple of times, in total of about four times, it was not necessary to do it again…amazing!

I was also very curious about prana and how it will affect me. Something inside me had led me to try it. And so I prepared prana II from 3 and ½ litres… It was unforgettable. Immediately after I’d finished, respectively a couple of seconds afterwards, I felt that I am filled by enormous, all embracing love. I suddenly saw the world with another eyes, from another perspective. Suddenly I noticed that nothing harrows me, nothing bothers me… simply that I am. I shed tears of joy and love that I felt, and embraced everything and everybody. That day, also other strange things took place, which show that prana had effect not only on me, but also on my environment, especially on my son, who on that day had surprised me by cooking a seven-course meal for me, which he served like in a hotel and attended to me the whole evening without any special reason for it!! It was really funny. And on the next day a miracle happened…this son, who has been suffering many years from overweight, and whom I have tried all this time to persuade to lose weight, suddenly came to me with the decision that from this day onwards he will follow all the advice that I will give him concerning diet, only to get some results. Gone was his weak will, he decided to fight it. And what followed after that was unbelievable…day after day, from the morning until the evening, he followed my diet rules and ate only foods, which I had made for him. He fought bravely, in less than a year he lost 60 kg in weight in absolute health!! He became a beautiful man with a radiant face. Besides this, I moved out from our small and problematic flat to a large and beautiful one. I went in my life through big changes, nothing was easy, but I went through it with a lightness, as if nothing was the matter. I had not increased the prana, I have used it only a couple of times and after this, it was no longer necessary. I am really grateful for this experience.‘

With this wonderful confession I say goodbye to you and wish you much success and joy with autopathy.


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