Psoriasis healed, diabetes improved

2.9.2016 | Miroslav Simunek |

Woman aged 67 years. She had psoriasis since several months. It was a case of plaque psoriasis, which was practically all over the body, except for the face. The patches strongly itched, especially at night. In her sleep, she scratched her skin bleeding. Every day, her bed and her nightgown were stained with blood.
She has been suffering with diabetes since several years, has to inject insulin daily, the blood glucose levels are 18 – 20 mmol/L. High blood pressure around 180.

Already in the past I have recommended to her to use autopathy for the diabetes. Then she decidedly refused. This year I have offered autopathy to her again, this time for the psoriasis. Due to her bad condition, when classical forms of healing had not brought any improvement, she was prepared to do anything, which offered her even the smallest hope.

The first application of the autopathic dilution (AD) took place on the 30th of January 2015. Recommended was boiled saliva, 1 litre of water, every day. After three days, she visited me herself and told me enthusiastically that the itching had stopped practically after the first application of AD and that for the first time after many months she could sleep well and that she feels 100% better. I recommended to her to continue with AD every day for further three days, then every second day, still 1 litre.

10.2.2015 – still free of itching, the patches are inactive, without scaling skin. Visible is only darker skin colouring. Skin scales only in her hair. I recommended increase of dilution to 1,2 litre, application every second day.

15.2.2015 – the condition is stable, without changes. She has been feeling well and this also psychically. To the saliva I recommended to add also breath, to mix them in one dilution, still boiled, and to continue for another week with 1,5 litre every second day. After this, to increase to 2 litres once in three days.

Follow up control 27.3.2015 (after approx. 2 months) – from the psoriasis only small areas remain, which are slightly darker than then surrounding skin, but no further symptoms. Only from her hair she has still been combing out scales of dry skin. The diabetes levels are around 6 (almost in norm). She continues with injecting insulin, but in smaller doses. Blood pressure 140 to 80 (almost in norm). She has been feeling generally very well. I recommended continuing with saliva/breath, boiled, 3 litres once a week.

End of April 2015, three months since the beginning of the treatment. The condition is stable. She decided to stop using AD.

End of the year 2015. The condition is still the same, she has been feeling very well. Still combing out dry skin out her hair. This, however, could be a case of increased dandruff. With the help of some “gentle method“, she had managed to lose 10 excess kilos.





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