Conference on Autopathy 2016

22.1.2016 | Jiri Cehovsky |

On the 30th of January 2016, the 8th Conference on Autopathy will take place in Prague. The conference, conducted in the Czech language,  offers an opportunity for meeting and exchange of experience amongst practitioners of autopathy. Presented will be new information and findings, new procedures and strategies. Important part will be discussions, in plenum as well as in private, about how to proceed even more effectively in solving the so called “incurable” problems of the body and the mind.

The programme will include contributions from speakers such as Dr. Tomas Lebenhart, Dr. Martina Kormundova, Veronika Kucerova, Jan Matyas, Dr. Josef Jermar and also Jiri Cehovsky, speaking from his 14 years of experience with autopathy.

All Czech speaking practitioners and friends of autopathy are cordially invited.

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