Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in horses (video)

11.12.2017 | Milos Stanek |

Two ponies: Anamnesis – shortness of breath since approximately 2 years, alternately improving and worsening according to conditions (vegetation period, temperature, fodder), reluctance to physical strain. This year foot tenderness – acute relapse.
Taking into account that both cases are allergic ailments, I approached it by treating both ailments at the same time.
Therapy – I started with one and a half litre per day, from breath, application to the nasal mucus membrane and the 6th chakra. A week later marked improvement. I continued with 6 l water 2x a week. Condition after two weeks – the breathing, i.e. shortness of breath (COPD) and foot tenderness were therapeutically affected.
Condition after 3 months of therapy – the hoofs are cool, no sign of inflammation, physical activity normal. Breathing quickly returns to normal, does not worsen even under strain. Continued will be with application 1x a month, in total 3x, dilution 6 l, control once a month.

Editorial comment: The veterinary physician Dr. Stanek had obtained the horses’ breath (with surgical mask covering his own face) by applying the funnel of the cooled autopathy bottle to the horses’ nostril so that it misted over with his breath and subsequently flushed the moisture down the bottle’s whirling chamber.


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