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30.9.2009 | Zuzana Vitova |

Man, 48 years of age. The upper and the lower lids of his right eye were swollen. He had a similar problem already 10 years ago on the other eye. The physicians did not find a cause for this then and suppressed the swelling with corticoids. Since then the lids swelled up a little from time to time and after a few days the swelling passed. All this time the patient did not find out the cause for the swelling.

This time the swelling was so strong that the patient could not see on the right eye. Both the lids were red and hot. In the upper lid a lacrimal gland hardened and increased in size. The patient was examined at the eye clinic and the results have shown that the hardened area of the gland has the size of 32 mm. Cortisone was injected directly in the swelling. The swelling stopped, but no other change took place. The physicians stated that it is not a case of inflammation of the lacrimal gland and have sent the patient to a hospital. There he was subject to various examinations – magnetic brain resonance imaging, ECG, EEG, examination by an internist and a number of blood tests. All results were normal. The physicians did not find the cause for the swelling and sent him back to the eye clinic. There an appointment was made for a surgery that should take place in January 2009.

This happened in October of last year. At the beginning of November, the patient made himself autopathy from 3 l and repeated it every week.

Control check-up after 4 weeks
First the old symptoms came. This reassured the patient in his feeling that he is doing everything correctly. The swelling was markedly reduced, the eye lid was still red and the lacrimal gland softened and reduced partly in size. During a medical check-up the physician identified reduction to 15 mm.
I suggested higher potency to foster absorption of the content of the lacrimal gland. The patient made himself autopathic dilution from 4,5 l.

Control check-up after 8 weeks
The swelling disappeared completely. The skin of the eye lid has almost the same colour as on the other eye, the lacrimal gland reduced in size and only a small part of the size of a grain can be felt under the skin.  As the size did not change for two weeks I recommended autopathic dilution from 6 l.

Two weeks later (after 10 weeks of treatment), the patient was examined by an ophthalmologist. He found out that the lacrimal gland is normal and that surgery is not necessary. The day after that, the head physician from the eye clinic called the patient and asked him to come for another examination. After a series of examinations also the head physician had to state, that the eye is absolutely in order and the lacrimal gland cannot be felt. He said that it is a miracle and that he had to see it with his own eyes. He asked the patient to explain how he was treated and was very interested in it. Perhaps in the next course of autopathy also the head physician from the eye clinic will take part.


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