Autopathy and treatment of autistic spectrum disorder

11.1.2011 | Denisa Kubesova |

A boy, 10 years old today, from 1st non-problematic pregnancy, birth post-term through caesarean section. Fully breastfed 4 months.


Motoric development – normal (he lifted his head soon, crawled at 6 months, stood at 9 months, walked in 10 months, from 3 years onwards could ride a bicycle, drive a nail in or a screw a small hole, could swim and dive at 5 years, has a problem only with ball games).

Speech development – at 1 year could say 10 words, in one and half year could say „mother“, he constructed simple sentences. After 2 years of age stagnation of speech development, from 5 years he visits clinical speech therapists.

Pre-school development – the boy was in a crèche from his 1st year onwards 2x a week, from 2nd year every day. He coped well, but ignored collective activities and bit other children. From his 3rd year he visited nursery school, where problems with hyperactivity and rage attacks started. He did not join common games, he only liked games where he could give his own rules. He avoided eye contact, in conflicts attacked other children orally as well as physically. Arranged was integration aided by a pedagogical assistant who succeeded in calming him down in the frame of the nursery school.

Development in the first class of primary school – new environment and new schoolmates returned the boy in states of aggression and problem behaviour. Due to the boy’s physical strength, the situation at the end of the 1st class was not only very problematic, but also dangerous for other pupils. Requests for an assistant were granted only at the beginning of the 2nd class. Until then, during the attacks, Filip had to spend time in an imaginary house arranged at the back of the class by his parents, to which no one had entry and where he calmed himself by painting. It was always important to tell him in advance what awaits him and what will happen. His biggest problem was physical education, where there was no regular structure and he had to change location away from the class. During this time his aggression increased. Often the parents had to come and take him away from the school. In the first class of the primary school the boy started to talk about suicide (so that he does not have to suffer in the school and the parents because of him).

Medical examinations – after the 2nd year of age examination of the kidneys under general anaesthesia, difficult to anaesthetize and so high dose of anaesthetic (in the doctor’s words, the same dose as an adult person) is used. In 8 years of age diagnosed with chronic inflammation of the urinary bladder. Until 10 years of age, bed wetting in the night, frequent urination during the day and escape of urine.

From 3 years onwards visits pedagogical-psychological advisory centre specialized in problems of the autistic spectrum, in 7 years examined by two clinical psychologists.

Diagnosis – various: Asperger syndrome, autistic features, schizoid development, ADHD, disharmonic personality development.

Therapies undergone – 2 years biofeedback (for improvement of concentration), homeopathy, chirophonetics and gemmotheraphy (for treatment of the urinary bladder) – problems with the urinary bladder have improved, aggression and difficulties in concentration remained.

Autopathy – applied at the age of 8 during the vacation – subsequent use of two bottles (duration 2x 3 months) – applied weekly – gradual increase from 6 l to 12 l from saliva. Already in July (approx. after 3 weeks) a marked reduction in physical aggression. Verbal aggression (rage, shouting) remained, but also this slowly diminished. No mention of suicide (very frequent before). In the school improvement in communication, disappearance of aggressive attacks, appearance of positive self-reflection (before this the boy saw himself only negatively, he hated himself, did not have any self-confidence), also fear of dogs completely stopped (before, he was able to climb a fence when he saw a puppy).

Further doses – again 2 bottles (2×3 months) – applied after one year, thus again in July, at the age of 9. First bottle – boiled saliva and breath – from 6 l gradually up to 18 l, second already without boiling – gradual increase to 30 l. During this time and subsequently, also a marked reduction of the verbal aggression took place, appearance of kind behaviour towards others (for example until this time the boy never cuddled with his parents, physical contact was unpleasant to him, he drew back, now, as if  compensating for the lost years, he demands stroking and hugging), he is able to play at “fighting” with his younger brother (before, he did not have a feeling for this, he exaggerated everything), he longs after friendship (before, he did not even know the names of the other pupils, he ignored them), he understands irony and a joke (before, he took everything literally) and can also make a joke, can step back (before, he stubbornly asserted only his own rules), he can laugh at himself (before, he took everything personally and saw it as a mockery), he admits own fault and excuses himself for it, he strokes an animal (before, he avoided touch), seems to be more satisfied with his life. He has own visions for the future.

Thanks to autopathy, also a strong allergy to insect bites passed, the boy is healthy, infections are overcome in the course of 2-3 days. The night bed-wetting disappeared completely.


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