Autopathy improves also animal health

5.1.2009 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Summary: Autopathy is a method returning health which developed from classical homeopathy. Autopathy influences positively the central fine matter spiritual self-organizing principle of the organism. It has excellent results, especially in cases of chronic ailments in man and animals. Potentised preparation from own bodily fluid of the influenced organism is produced by a professional adviser or in home conditions by the owner of the animal by means of an autopathy bottle.

Key words: Potentised own saliva, holistic effect, chronic ailments, fine-matter spiritual self-organizing system.

Autopathy, autoisopathy, auto-nosodes, auto-hemic therapy, these are synonyms to the term autoisopathy, included in the vocabulary in the website of the British Homeopathic Library (1). As is generally known, it concerns use of the patient’s own body fluids or tissues for the removal of ailments of the body and the mind. It is an old thought. The healing properties of own urine were known for example in India a thousand years ago. However, a completely new quality was brought about by Hahnemann’s discovery of homeopathic dilution of substances. Materials highly diluted by the homeopathic method can increase healing abilities, and in this state also materials can heal that in their raw condition lack any healing properties.  Some American 19th century homeopaths suggested homeopathically potentised, highly diluted human secretions according to the principle equalia equalibus curantur, like cures like. The well-known homeopathic physician J.H. Allen from Indiana (2) expressed in 1894 the opinion that the healing of like by like is “nothing other than the highest phase of similima in the highest sense”. Instead of treating “similar by similar”, which is the basis of homeopathy, also “like by like” was used for healing. However, it has to be said that the use of “like” in the history of homeopathy was understood mainly symptomatically in relation to the names and manifestations of specific diseases and was generally far removed from a holistic approach.

One of the many written reports about autopathic healing comes from the French classical homeopath Julian in the book Materia Medica of the Nosodes (3). It describes that during vacation, where (as he apologetically explains) he did not have any remedies with him he was called to a man with a bad herpes. He writes: “Lesion was situated on the left side of the face. Blisters and ulcers have spread to the forehead, the cheek and the upper lip, the mucus membrane of the left nostril and the hard palate was also affected, as was his swollen left eye lid with blisters and the conjunctiva.” He had fever with 38,8C and quickened pulse. The man suffered from sleeplessness, vomiting and strong headache. Dr Julian prepared dilution from an ulcer on the hard palate. He potentised it in water to 6 centesimal, therefore very low, potency, the last potency he mixed with spirit. This remedy he applied very half an hour. At first the pain increased, but on the second day it receded considerably, the vomiting ceased and good sleep returned. Already on the second day the herpes reduced itself to half and the swelling disappeared. After a few days only healthy looking scabs remained.

Very interesting is also the remark made by a French physician Bon Hoa in the article about Carsinosin for the British Homeopathic Journal (4). His remark consists typically for this subject only of a short statement: “Some patients who have responded to Carcinosin, but whose improvement only lasted a short time have derived benefit from auto-izopathy. I gave a single dose of Phyryngeal mucus 30 CH.” This sentence, when we think about it, would deserve to be elaborated into a thick and venerable book, which could benefit many ill people. He indicates that a potentised, obviously normal non-pathological own phlegm had brought about a holistic effect on the health of probably the most of the persons who took it.

The fact that this treatment with a potentised own body fluid is successfully practiced already a long time in England for veterinary purposes, is witnessed by a mention (again brief) in the Veterinary Homeopathy by Dr. Macleod (5).

However – never in the history of homeopathy until today (according to sources such as software Reference Works (6), the Internet, or the catalogues of leading publishing companies) was autopathy systematically dealt with in any work in book form or periodicals. It is mentioned only in a fragmentary manner.

Homeopathy is concerned with searching for such substances in nature, for example in the bodies of plants and animals, which (enhanced by a specific dilution with water to a fine matter sphere), best resonate with the fine matter (according to materialists immaterial) vibrational organizing system superordinate to the mind and the material body, Hahnemann’s dynamis, Kent and Swedenborg’s inner self. We could say “inner animal being” in case of animals, which, through their self-organizing principle, dynamis, are also anchored in the fine matter spiritual sphere.  Substances, resonating with the fine, creative part of a person that in every moment of life continuously creates and forms the mind and the material body and whose disturbance means illness and increased suffering. The closer the substance’s frequency characteristics are to the patient, the more successful is the holistic healing. The homeopath’s work consists in searching for resonational frequency similarities between the patient and some substance found in nature.

From this logically follows that when we take a substance that did not originate from a snake (Lachesis) or a frog (Bufo), or from the human body of a stranger (Psorinum, Carcinosinum, Medorrhinum etc.) but from the patient’s body, and enhance it into the fine matter sphere through diluting it with water, the resonance of the creative centre (dynamis) with the substance will be 100% and fully comparable with the effect of the most exactly selected homeopathic remedy.

Currently I can already speak about hundreds of cases of autopathy (7, 8) implemented with potentised saliva. These are persons aged 2 months till 83 years. A high percentage of cases demonstrates rapid improvement of chronic ailments of various characteristics. Only a small percentage of the cases (certainly under 10%) did not show a visible positive reaction – probably mainly because there was a very short observation time during the influencing of very deeply rooted and old illnesses or where the instructions provided for personal preparation of the dilution were not adhered to. I do not know any other method with such a high success rate. I have to add that I, as a healer, am already quarter of a century almost exclusively consulted by people, whom conventional (and often also alternative or homeopathic) medicine did not help to overcome their long-term problems. My experience with animals is considerably smaller, but even this limited experience witnesses, as we will see below, unequivocally the fact that this methods is effective also for animals. I have not recorded even one case until now where autopathy was used in animals, for example by my pupils, without an effect or with an ambiguous effect.

The patient demonstrates development as in the case of very exactly selected homeopathic constitutional remedy. Sometimes a slight worsening can be noticed soon after the application, which soon changes into improvement. Other times the improvement takes place immediately. Clearly recognised can be the effect of Herring’s law verified in homeopathy – the ailments recede from the centre to the outside, in the reverse order to in which they appeared, and also, in eczemas, almost without an exception from top down. After a while also some old reverse symptoms start to appear and soon disappear again. It is a process in which the organism goes through old conditions, it gradually tunes itself into its original, healthy frequency, which is able to constitute healthy organs. The development is always gradual, the speed of the positive changes depends much on the length of time that the person concerned suffers from the ailments and his/her general condition. Homeopathic (or rather autopathic) worsening can appear in the first days till weeks after application, however, it is possible to markedly reduce or prevent it through suitable choice of potency, appropriate to the general condition and age of the client.

A repeated application of a dilution is done solely whenn signs of a relapse occur – i.e. the returning of the symptoms to a state before the application. At the first signs of a reduction of the effect, the autopathic dilution should be applied in a higher potency, which opens the way again to further improvement of the ailments. To support an early recognition of the relapse, the consultant keeps notes about the development of the condition, based on the client’s (or the animal owner’s) description. The development takes place in a fluctuating manner and so repeating an application requires specific knowledge, especially in complex or serious cases.

A prerequisite for the successful application of this method is the knowledge of the correct procedure in the preparation of the personal autopathic dilution from own saliva. I provide my clients with a special device (I called it an autopathic harmony bottle) and a one page instruction sheet about how, in home conditions and at the same time reliably, to prepare a potency from saliva using clean water. The dilution is used fresh, immediately after the required dilution had been achieved. The preparation takes about half an hour including cleaning up.  The application is always single one. Up to now , the shortest period of effect of a single application in persons was 3 months, also in the case of application of the lowest dose 20 C. The longest time of observation of the development following a single application was over 18 months.

The above mentioned rules are valid also for animals. In the treatment of chronic ailments, animals usually react more rapidly than humans. Two of my pupils referred about the treatment of excessive loss of fell in cats. In both cats (one of them lives in Germany) a bold place on skin with a strong hair loss suddenly appeared, leaving bare skin. In both these cases, the hair started to grow again one week after the application of highly diluted own saliva and the problem disappeared completely. In one of the cases (the German cat) dilution of 60 C was used. In the case of the Czech cat, the potency of 30 C.

A case of a dog

Black Labrador, born in December 1998. About a year after his birth a while mucus started appearing in his eyes, clingy, sticky, in large amounts, worse in the right eye. Similar discharge also from his genitals. The strong dog was of a submissive behaviour. He was given homeopathic Pulsatilla 30 C. The discharge ceased and the dog lived in good health, except for an occasional discharge from the genitals, until the summer of 2004. Then the discharge in the eyes reappeared, again mainly in the right eye, worse in the morning. Additionally a grey film covered the whole of the right eye. The white of the eye was red. In August of 2004 he got one dose of Pulsatilla 200. Within a few days the grey film disappeared from the eye surface, but the discharge and the redness remained until the beginning of October, when the dog’s saliva was drawn. The dog was restless and so it was possible to draw only a small amount of saliva into the dropper, basically only a kind of a whitish map on the wall of the dropper. The dropper was rinsed through with distilled water from a bottle cap and the resulting fluid was potentised in an autopathy bottle with four litres of water to a potency of 190 C. A few drops were instilled into the dog’s mouth.

Two days after the application, the discharge had improved, as had the redness in the right eye, but in the following days all went back to the average state of August and September. On the fifteenth day after application, there was a visible improvement, and eighteen days after application the dog was completely without problems. This state continues since five months, in the last month the mucus occasionally slightly reappeared in the morning, not during the day. From the first day after application the dog demonstrated more dominant behaviour to smaller dogs if they bothered him, before this he used to back up.

During the autopathy courses the students often refer about successful treatments of animals, there were cases of horses, dogs, etc. These reports referred about applications of autopathic dilutions that were always followed by marked positive development.

Potentisation in the harmony bottle takes place on the flow-through, the so called flux principle, used in homeopathy already over hundred years. The pioneer of this method was the American physician Dr. Bernhard Fincke (9), who used it in his laboratory to make even the highest potencies. J.T. Kent wrote about his remedies that one can “always rely on them”. To achieve very high potencies it is possible to place the harmony bottle under the water tap fitted with carbon filter and in 10 minutes arrive at very high potencies 1M (C 1000) and in 100 minutes even at 10 M (C 10 000). The higher the potency, the deeper it touches the core of the problem. The harmony bottle is meant for single use, to avoid so called “cross-contamination”, i.e. the mixing of frequencies of the old and the new potencies, in repeated use. It is known from the preparation of autopathic remedies that glass retains the potency, although the potentised liquid was removed. For that reason also homeopathic producers use always new glass for the production of remedies.

Autopathic dilution made this way makes it possible that the potentised saliva is always clean, in an unchanged frequency structure, without the necessity of conservation with spirit and without exposing it to various forms of radiation and other influences during transportation and longer storage.

I suggest saliva as the raw material also for animals (when they are producing it), which is then drawn by a sterile dropper. However, also urine, or, which I intentionally mention in the last place, blood. Drawing blood causes an acute trauma, which can reflect itself in the blood structure and slightly change the blood picture. In fact, all potentised own body fluids can be used, in the case of a cow also her own milk.

Suitable for the beginning are potencies till C 200 and the increase of the potency in a repeated use by doubling the amount of water. Potency 40 C (1 litre) is for the beginning of harmonization absolutely suitable also in persons aged over 80 years who suffer from various chronic ailments. Age should be taken into consideration also in animals and in very old animals the initial potency should be lower, i.e. 40 C.

Amongst the positive effects on mental and physical levels, I noticed in my clients a marked improvement or complete cure of chronic ailments such as headaches, breathlessness, eczemas, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney, liver, joint and gall bladder disorders, removal of chronic fear, anxiety, insomnia, heart arrhythmia, etc. The scale of problems that can be healed covers probably all of human suffering, which always stems from the reduction of central frequency of fine matter organizational centre in a human being – and thus from a gradual decay of the original healthy structures of the body and mind. On the principle of resonance, the autopathic dilution can return this fine matter centre to its original harmonic state in which it was before the disorder began. In the course of time, the fine matter centre itself makes order according to its own possibilities and preferences.

When we see autopathy as a method supplementary to homeopathy, then it can be implemented in cases which do not develop in an optimal way after having used homeopathic remedies, or in cases when it is difficult to find the exact remedy, for example for infants or  animals, etc. And also then, when for various reasons the organism is dependent on large quantities of chemical medicaments. In cases of autopathy applications, no significant difference in development was seen in persons dependent and non-dependent on medicaments. There are cases (for example in bronchial asthma), when the usual medicaments could be stopped with clear conscience only after the problem was removed by autopathy. Autopathy can be used also as a supportive method and does not interfere with any chemical or other medicaments.

When autopathy is used as the primary method, it has the widest scale of possibilities for the improvement and the removal of long-term problems. It proved to be effective for example in dealing with acute feverish diseases – a marked improvement generally arrived until 24 hours after the application of a highly diluted autopathic preparation from own saliva.

Autopathy is a little researched method, until recently practiced only rarely, on the basis of unclassified and incomplete knowledge. Only the beginning of the Age of Aquarius opens for us new and unknown possibilities of utilising the properties of pure water for the transmission of fine matter information, coded in our own bodies. Information, which addresses spiritual fine matter sphere of living beings, establishes harmony and reduces suffering.


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