Autism, boy aged 10

6.9.2016 | Dr. Martina Kormundova |

The boy was born prematurely in the 34th week of physiological pregnancy due to premature rupture of membranes and a high-risk birth after the mother having an accident before the birth – she had fallen down the stairs. The weight at birth was 2450 g, the after-birth adaptation was in norm, the neonatal jaundice did not require phototherapy.

Breastfed only 3 months, after this change to substitute feeding due to the mother’s lack of milk. Both parents are healthy and so are the older sisters. Since the birth he has been irritable and weepy.

Vaccinations according to the vaccination plan, after each vaccination increased restlessness, irritability, crying, reddening, painful swelling in the area of the needle mark, high temperature for 2-3 days.

The parents have noticed irregularities in development already in the toddler age, when he did not communicate and played only with the teddy and a fox – both soft plush toys. Generally he did not want to communicate and when something was not allowed to him, he got excited and demonstrated repeated stereotypic behaviour – mainly rocking front to back in a sitting position, bumping into the wall with his back and making stereotypic sounds.

Since early he has been lacking appetite, eats only certain foods, refuses all “coloured“ fruits and vegetables, prefers dry pasta and rice.

He was late in speaking, repeated only a few words, and had his own prattling jargon. He did not want to play with other children, kept apart from a collective and preferred the company of adults. He kept on walking in a circle in his room, repeated monotonous movements, did not react when spoken to. Increasingly frequent attacks of anger on the smallest impetus, then crying. Self-injuries – he bit his nails, his hand, hit his head against the wall, intentionally fell down from high places. Anxiety states at night, had to sleep with the light on. At night he checked the space under his bed. If he listened to a fairy story, he reacted intensively to tense passages.

Since early age he preferred to play alone, talked monotonously with his favourite soft plush animals and kept away from a collective. When excited, he was able to hit his sisters, his mother, bite his hair. He always had his favourite toys with him, which he protected. When someone wanted to take them away from him, he would aggressively defend them.

He talked to himself and when addressed, responded only when he wanted. When he listened, he would imitate the sound and the intonation of speech – as a parrot.

It is interesting that the parents had considered the child’s development to be normal, although both daughters developed differently. On the contrary, the parents welcomed that the boy is well-behaved, that he plays alone and does not need anyone, and that he only does not want to speak. Until the age of five, he was alone with his mother and grandmother and because of his frequent illnesses, instead of sending him to a collective at the nursery school, they let him stay at home. The mother worked at home and his being a loner suited her…

They became fully aware of the differences in his pre-school age, when in the last year before the first school year, they wanted to put him in a kindergarten and consulted a physician. He recommended postponing school start.

When the boy was 7, his mother started to learn with him, he could paint – but painted monotonous images – mountains, the sky, clouds…again and again, had fits, when he would scribble only scribbles, with tendencies to scribble also outside of the paper, on the table, on the floor, the furniture, the walls. Attacks of anger when stopped doing it.

He received immunological examination, intolerance to gluten and cow milk was not confirmed, no notable immunopathology findings. Confirmed was only atopic eczema.

The parents took him to an examination by method of Electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV). Diagnosed was impairment through vaccination, impairment of glial cells, allergy including allergy to foods, although this was not ascertained by the previous immunological examination. The examination was difficult, he detached the electrode, could not keep still, kept running away and turning around in a circle, imitated aeroplane and demanded having his plush animals.

First visit by me in his 8th year of age – October 2014

In his 8,5 and 9th year, he had undergone 2x a cycle of 40x hyperbaric chamber sessions (HBOT), for 1,5 years, together with autopathy.

Initially boiled saliva 2x a week, 2 to 4 l. During the first year improvement of the eczema and the quite frequent catarrh of the upper respiratory system. During the follow-up controls, the boy no longer hides behind his mother’s leg and was even able to make eye contact. When he wanted, he even gave his toy to someone, pointed at an object – the moments, when he communicated and was not present only in “his world“ were getting longer. After the second series of 40x hyperbaric chamber exposure we started with autopathy from prana 5, 2x a week, initially with 2, then 3 and later 4 litres. This had led to an improvement in perceiving, to eye contact and after he had gained trust in the surrounding, to the communication with the surrounding. He could endure it in the hyperbaric chamber for 60 minutes. Because of his slight body build, his mother was in the chamber with him and he was lying on her stomach.

Effective proved itself the combination of autopathy with 2 bottles simultaneously – 1-2 a week boiled saliva, but maximally till 6 l, the attempt to go to 8 l had resulted in strong worsening – unquiet, anxieties, worsening of the eczema. After this 1 – 2x a week boiled breath, also 2-4 l. We also made autopathy from the stool – improvement of digestion, increased appetite, decreased flatulence, the stool became more regular, marked improvement of the atopic eczema. Parallel also autopathy from prana 1 or 5, also up to 6 litres, also 1-2x a week. The mother applies the autopathy intuitively, as she feels right, making impeccable notes of everything.

After the two years of autopathy, the boy after a while communicates and also answers during the follow-up controls, but only to that, which interests him. When something is demanded of him that he does not like, he retreats to his own world and refuses to cooperate, does not communicate. As long as the communication takes place so that he gains trust and it interests him, he begins to cooperate responding to demands, he answers, shows pictures, and demonstrates small skills. If we would force him to work with a therapist or tutor and he does not like something, we will not succeed. Then he falls into apathy or anger or stereotypic movements, until he gains the assurance again that he is not in danger.

Currently he has been attending a special school, has a personal assistant and when he feels safe and at ease, he is able to communicate with his environment and does not retreat into his world. He says intelligible words and can draw recognizable, meaningful images, one can come to an agreement with him better and he has been looking forward to the follow-up controls.

I have supplemented autopathy with the homeopathic remedy Stramonium 30 CH 1x a week and Gelsemium 9 CH every second day as well as preparations FRM GUNA – Awareness a Cell a Brain.

I think that in the 2,5 years we have done much work and that the boy’s condition had improved in all aspects.



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