Atypical autism and hearing impairment

15.3.2012 | Jiri Cehovsky |

From the magazine Medunka 6/2011

Autopathy is a method of healing, based on classical homeopathy. It was already used in ancient India. It heals and harmonises the whole of body and mind. It has the ability, as shown in the many cases, to restore health, and this also then, when people suffer from long-term chronic ailments. For the healing, autopathy uses homeopathic-style high dilutions of own body information of the treated person, taken from his/hers saliva or breath. Following simple instructions the client prepares the autopathic dilution alone at home in an autopathy bottle, using clean water. I have described this method in two books, the first was published also in Germany and in the USA. Information about the method was also published in older issues of Medunka. Here one of the cases, which demonstrates, how Autopathy can influence even a condition that is considered to be incurable.

A woman came to me with her nine year old son in May 2008. She told me that since his 6th year he is diagnosed with atypical autism. Besides this he also has moderate hearing impairment and has to use a hearing aid. He also suffers from chronic irritating cough. He is thin, he cannot chew and his food has to be mixed. He does not want to drink, he drinks only milk or cocoa. He is very stubborn and when he does not want something, no one can force him. I recommended autopathic dilution made of saliva in a homeopathic potency (degree of dilution) 120 C and I gave his mother an autopathy bottle. In November the mother told me: the chronic cough had stopped, which lasted several months. Now it came back. I recommended autopathic dilution 240 C, again from his own saliva. In half a year the mother reports that she did not apply the preparation, because the boy refuses to spit in the bottle. At this time I had already good results with application of potentized information from breath of the treated person and so I gave instructions, how to make potencies from the own breath of a child (bubble it several times through water in an autopathy bottle and then dilute) and suggested grade of dilution same as before – 240 C. To be used once a month. In three months I learned that the manifestations of autism grew weaker – better communication, better behaviour in company, before this he kicked and screamed when he felt frustrated, he hardly does this anymore. His hearing got better – recent tests have shown improvement. I recommended autopathic preparation from breath, potency 360 C, use once a month. Check-up consultation in four months: Because of an itch, he tore out his eyelashes and eyebrows at the left eye.  Autistic symptoms slowly recede. I suggested application of homeopathic remedy Silicea 30 C and autopathic preparation 240 C from breath, alternating, every third day. In further three months the mother reports that the boy reacted positively and very rapidly. A dramatic change took place, he is full of energy, it was noticed also in the school. The autistic manifestations continue to improve, he is more forethcoming to people  and is interested in many things. His cough, when at all, is only slight and only in the morning. I recommended autopathic preparation from saliva, with sterilization through heat – this consists in heating up the saliva in the autopathy bottle before the process of dilution takes place. Diluted should be by nine litres of water (homeopathic potency of 360 C) and the preparation is applied only once.  After two months the mother reports that the autistic manifestations are continually weaker, communication improves. Check-up consultation in further three months: The eyebrow and eyelashes grow again, he does not tear them out anymore, over the holidays he did not cough. Ten days ago he had a fever, 38,5, it lasted only one day, after this he had a runny nose and has a runny nose until today, he has been coughing in the morning. Psychic condition is better, he is quiet, one can speak with him rationally and he is pleasant. His hearing got better, during the whole holidays he did not use his hearing aid. He speaks in sentences, which was not the case before, communication is markedly better. Also in the school they say that he does not seem to be autistic. Recommended was autopathic preparation 240 C from saliva sterilized through heat, once in 14 days. The last report until now came two months after this, in November 2010: The eyebrow and eyelashes have completely grown, he does not have any itching anymore. He is of good health without infectious diseases, he is in good mood. He is relaxed and pays his attention to school homework, he attends 4th class. His hearing is much better, he understands without hearing aid and does not use it. Improvement of hearing was confirmed by an audiological test. Formerly he did not have any friends, he concentrated on himself and was lonely. Now he has two friends, he thinks about them and communicates lively with his environment. The psychologist says that the diagnosis is no longer autism.  My recommendation during this visit: Stop using autopathic preparation and use it again only when necessary.

The healing process was not rapid, nor simple and lasted two years, however, this is not a very long time for chronic problems. Autopathy, due to its relative simplicity and an absolute absence of „side effects“ is suitable also for self-healing. Much information about it is at, where there is also an interesting article about the cure of problems within the autistic spectrum of another boy, written by one of the students of my courses.

I consider also the following phenomenon as interesting: Although many alternative authors such as here Prof. Strunecka or in the USA the homeopath Amy Lansky report in their books about the curability of autism, or at least about the possibilities of notably improving it, the parents of autistic children are subject to such a strong official propaganda about the incurability and the impossibility of improvement of this illness that they show interest in alternative therapies only rarely. Does this have something to do with the law of attraction?


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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