Autopathy at Paracelsus fair 16 – 18. 10. 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany

3.9.2015 | Filip Cehovsky

For the supporters of autopathy: We invite you to visit our stall at the Paracelsus Messe in Düsseldorf, Germany, 16 – 18. 10. 2015. Our team, led by Jiri Cehovsky, author of books about this method and its founder, will be there to provide detailed information, to answer your …

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Spring practical seminar

6.3.2015 | Dagmar Hegarova

The spring practical seminar on autopathy will take place from the 7th – 10th of May 2015 in the Hotel Jezerka at  Secska dam. Taking a case, analysis and handling cases, the newest findings about autopathy. The seminar will be led by Jiri Cehovsky and Jan Matyas. Detailed information and …

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Conference Autopathy 2015

19.11.2014 | Jiri Cehovsky

On Sunday, the 31st of January 2015, the seventh conference on autopathy takes place in the Hotel Pyramida in Prague. As in the previous conferences, we will share our experiences, discuss them and learn from the findings of others. This collective learning contributes significantly to the development of this still …

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New video in “Testimonials”

23.10.2014 | Filip Cehovsky

A new  video with English subtitles with the title “Ten years of autopathic self-healing” was added to the section Testimonials. This testimonial is somewhat longer than usual and is carried out in the form of an interview with J. Cehovsky.…

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Crohn’s disease (follow-up)

2.10.2014 | Filip Cehovsky

The further development of the case of Crohn’s disease, video with English subtitles, click here.…

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Reflections on a day of therapeutic practice (video)

18.8.2014 | Filip Cehovsky

To activate English subtitles, start the video, then click on the symbol “Activate subtitles” in the lower right hand corner under the video image.

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Webinar in English in August 2014

24.7.2014 | Filip Cehovsky

A webinar on autopathy in English will take place on the 17th of August 2014.

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Articles on autopathy published at

20.7.2014 | Jiri Cehovsky

A list of articles on autopathy published at, the world’s leading homeopathy portal (with 50000 subscribers and half a million visitors a month). With interesting comments from homeopathic community.

Autopathy: A Similimum from the Patient

Autopathy:Healing with Potentized Saliva

Autopathic Detoxication

Autopathic Detoxication, Part II.

Autopathy:Six cases

Autopathy:A case

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Conference 2014

16.2.2014 | Filip Cehovsky

On the 1st of February of this year the fourth conference on autopathy took place in the congress hall of the Hotel Pyramida in Prague. The large number of participants bore witness to the increasing interest in this method and its results, which were presented by many active participants. The …

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Homeopathy – More than a Cure by Jiri Cehovsky

5.1.2014 | Filip Cehovsky

The book Homeopathy – More Than a cure is available free here. It was written by Jiri Cehovsky in 1994, before he invented autopathy.…

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