A case of acute inflammation of the gallbladder

11.9.2018 | Jiri Nyvlt | JiriNyvlt@seznam.cz

Three years ago, a middle-aged woman started to take part in my classes of classical Vedic yoga. Very soon after that, she experienced symptoms of problems, which she had to solve every day in her private life. Gradually, it appeared that the situation (approximately 1 year of regular yoga practice) had started to stabilize in that the problems were gradually and successfully resolved. Nevertheless, the stress, accumulated over a long time (its causes went back into the childhood) started to demonstrate itself by growing problems with the gallbladder, culminating in a gallbladder colic and subsequent hospitalisation (July 2017). The diagnosis was inflammation of the gallbladder and the client was informed of an inevitable surgery within three months at the latest.

In this situation it was quite obvious that it is necessary to handle the acute health problems by “acute” intervention and to tackle the weakened immunity and marked reduction of vitality very quickly. I suggested autopathy. At the beginning of September 2017 after the first meeting, we have decided to concentrate in the first place on the psychic background, which appeared to be the prime source and initiator of the current health problems (also high blood pressure, bad sleep, etc.) and the weakening of the organism. I suggested starting with Prana 5 and this 1x in 5 days, 6 litres. To this we have added yoga breathing exercises, in depth relaxation and the utilization of breath for local vitalization, etc. (no exercises, postures, only mental exercises). A follow-up control was to take place in one month, before the planned medical check-up that should decide the necessity of the surgery. During a short consultation about the effects of autopathy, we have ascertained that there were no further attacks and if pain appeared, it was bearable, infrequent and above all did not last long.

After four applications of autopathy from prana, the results of the check-up were such: 9 gallbladder stones of middle and large size (till 8 mm), Chlamydophila pneumoniae (she takes antibiotics), high blood pressure, persisting fatigue, sleeplessness. Considering that since the hospitalization in the summer she did not have any attacks or worsening of the condition, but – from the subjective point of view – was getting better, the client agreed with the doctor to wait how the situation develops further (we have agreed on this beforehand). To the doctor’s credit, he agreed, stating that in the current condition the surgery is unavoidable, but at this point of time not pressing.

The client continued with autopathy, using Prana 5, with a simultaneous addition of boiled saliva 1x in 3 days, 4,5 litres. Follow-up control to take place in three weeks and consultation over the telephone at any time if required. In one month, we extended the intervals of application of autopathy to 7 days. As long as there is no occurrence of sudden relapses or worsening, the dilution and the use of both forms of autopathy to be continued until the expiry period of the bottle. This was followed by a 3-month period of using autopathy from boiled saliva with the increase of the dilution to 6 litres.

The next check-up with the medical specialist took place at the beginning of March with this result: the patient does not have any serious subjective problems, the ultrasound had shown the presence of 3 larger stones, no others, subjectively feels very well. The surgery was cancelled. Currently (April 2018) the presence of only 1 stone. The client continues using autopathy only from Prana 5, 1x a week, in the dilution of 6 litres (during the first application in the autumn 2017 she felt very quickly better, more relaxed and content, she really relished it).

It has to be added that the client proceeded exemplarily and responsibly. In November 2017 she took part in a weekend seminar of Vedic yoga focused on utilizing the organism’s self-healing potential by using the techniques and experience of classical yoga, she used herbal teas, concentrated on inner calming and decreasing of overall tension, and she frequently utilized yoga’s mental techniques used in the regular lessons of Vedic yoga.

This extended mix of approaches enabled synergetic utilization of the organism’s inner potential, effect of the autopathic dilutions and the influence of the classical Vedic yoga. Fundamental here was the change of the psychic condition. At the same time, everything in her private life moves towards successful solutions, experience of joy and contentment. How enlightening illnesses are!



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