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12.2.2016 | Michaela Gebert |

Presented at the 7th Conference on Autopathy, Prague 2015

GebertDear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In my contribution, I would like to present my own experiences with autopathy, as well as experiences of other persons, whom I had met through autopathy and whom I advise on its use.

I first encountered the concept of autopathy more than three years ago, concretely at the end of 2011, when I searched for solutions for my health problems, which enormously troubled me then. At this time, I discovered the book written by Dr. Lebenhart “I Took off my White Coat”. I also looked through his website and came across autopathy. I did not take it seriously then, because I was disillusioned with various alternative methods, which I applied until then, and which, with the exception of one, were not successful. On the contrary, they made the problem worse. The same applies to the methods of allopathic medicine, which I had behind me.

Before I describe my own experiences with autopathy, I would like to return for a while to my more distant past, to the time, when my health disorders started to demonstrate themselves. Here I would especially like to illustrate, how, with the aid of the established as well as other healing methods, relatively healthy persons are transformed into patients and chronic consumers of products of the pharmaceutic and alternative-medical industries.

As a child, I was rarely ill, but already then, I had a tendency to skin rashes and large swellings after insect bites. With six years, I had the appendix removed.

Greater problems started to demonstrate themselves after the birth of my second child, in the year 1997, when I started to suffer from periods of rashes, which appeared on my hands and forearms. At the same time, polyps started to grow inside my nose and this at a speed, so that my otorhinolaryngologist, who, in regular intervals, had been cutting the polyps out, had said that he had never seen anything like it before – and he was older and very experienced physician. I have also been suffering from recurring sinus and ear inflammations. Tests confirmed higher levels of immunoglobulin E (IgE) – 187 and a positive reaction to cobalt chloride and wasp venom.

My cure consisted then of doses of corticoid creams, antibiotics and nose drops, which reduced the swelling of the mucus membrane in the nose. So it went for several years. The polyps continued growing a while longer, but slowly they stopped occurring. The sinus and ear inflammations remained, as well as the eczema on the hands that was very unpleasant and was sometimes more and sometimes less intensive. Of course, I did not want to accept it and have read everything about the subject that I could find. I concluded that the cause of the problems could lie in the intestines and an infection with Candida Albicans. An examination confirmed it. I got two medicaments from my dermatologist, which I took regularly. During this treatment, I felt very weak and tired, but I was looking forward to the time, when the rashes will disappear. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The eczema had spread from the hands to the whole of the forearm, the crook of the elbow, the back of knee, the face, and the neck. Apart on the hands, the eczema was not present all the time, but I did not know on which day or at which hour it will appear again.

I searched further and found an ointment, which just came on the market. It reduced the immunity of the skin and promised reduction of atopic eczema, caused by exaggerated immune reaction of this organ.

I applied this ointment for the first and the last time in July 2002 and then I went for a walk. It was a nice sunny day. I say this, because I returned from this walk red as a beetroot, with swollen skin of the neck, crooks of elbow and neckline. On the second day, intensively itching and red rash had erupted on my thighs. After I had read the enclosed instruction leaflet, it was clear to me. When you want to use this cream, then you have to retire ideally somewhere underground, where no sunrays can reach you. Because when you use the ointment, you can no longer tolerate sunrays. So even when this medicament helps someone to get rid of the rash, he will get another problem. In my case the ointment did not help, on the contrary, it got worse. This was the last drop. I said goodbye to the methods of allopathic medicine and decided to find a solution in alternative methods.

I visited a woman physician, who claimed to have achieved excellent results in curing eczemas and allergies with bio resonance therapy. She also recommended to me the very expensive colon hydrotherapy – which is repeated washing out of the large bowel by using water – to enhance the effects of the bio resonance (I have to add – mainly the economic situation of her practice).

This method exceeded my expectations. After several weeks’ colon hydrotherapy and bio resonance, my skin was inflamed from head to toe, my digestion ceased functioning, my face swelled up – in short, I felt terrible. In this state, I went to my dermatologist, who was horrified and gave me an injection to stop the allergic chain reaction. Had she not done it, I would have probably got an anaphylactic shock. The months, which followed, were a very bad period in my life. I lost weight, because I did not tolerate the most foods, the skin on the whole of my body was red, itching, painful and weepy. My eyes were inflamed, my stomach ached all the time, I suffered from diarrhea, was tired and lacked energy. The worst was that I did not know then, when and if at all, all this will end.

I instinctively stopped eating bakery goods with gluten, milk, and ate only rice, meat and some kinds of vegetables – only cooked. I slowly recovered and could at least partially function again. I tried various healers – without result, Ayurveda and injections of my own blood, which were the only things, which really helped me. I started to have more energy and the rash, at least on my back and stomach, disappeared. The problems with digestion remained. My IgE had increased to 900 and I became allergic to eggs and milk. IgG, which is test of intolerance to foods, had shown that I react negatively especially to grains and milk products. I had to keep a strict diet, but the rash and the digestive problems continued to bother me.

I tried TCM and used Chinese herbs for the support of the liver and the bowels. From my own initiative, I took preparations for the regeneration of the gut flora.

Then I consulted Dr. Jonas, whose preparations have helped to reduce the rash for two years. Pains in the bowels and digestive problems continued, but they bothered me now only in the mornings or during the change of environment.

However, with the time, the eczema became worse. It intensified on the face, the neck, hands and arms and during the summer periods, red, oozing and itching areas came up on my neck, in the crook of the arm, the back of the knee and the groin. Every year it got worse. Once, after having been shortly exposed to the sun, my face had swelled up to such an extent, so that it resembled a red melon. Not even sun protection creams with factor 50 had helped. I had to come to terms with the fact that I became allergic to UV rays, although in the past, I did not have this intolerance with the exception of the already mentioned episode.

If I had learned about autopathy already in the year 1997, I would not have had to cope with all these problems at all.

So, sometime at the beginning of 2012, I found myself in the practice of Dr. Lebenhart in Klatovy. Shortly before this appointment, I had bought an autopathy bottle. I have evidently already decided for autopathy and only waited, until someone competent and trustworthy recommends it to me and thereby confirms my decision.

The following is a schematic description of my healing process with the aid of homeopathy and autopathy, which includes the most important and interesting symptoms:

Summary of my disorders at that time:

  • Eczema (on face, neck, hands and arms, legs)
  • Allergy of Type I (immediate hypersensitivity) to egg and milk proteins, UV-rays
  • Digestive disorders
  • Bad sleep
  • Tiredness, frequent infections

February – March 2012: homeopathic remedies Phosporus and Guna for the renewal of the gut flora and the intestinal and liver detoxication.


The third day after use, a swelling primarily on the right side of the face appeared, a rash on the face, strong pain in the mouth, jaw and the nape of the neck.

Reduction of the doses. The swelling and the rash on the face, as well as pain in the mouth and jaw gradually recede. Pains in the nape of the neck continue..

Start of the autopathic healing: 22.4.2012

March – May 2012: autopathic preparations alternating saliva and breath, finally mixed dilution of both saliva and breath, all in the potency 3 liters – approx. 5 weeks.


  • Floods of energy
  • Sweating, heartburn, stomach ache, cracked heels, skin reacts with rashes to the exposure to sun rays
  • At five fourteen in the afternoon: the skin on the neck starts to suddenly itch, gets red and oozes, then it gets paler and after approximately 4 hours, it extensively dispels lymphatic fluid. On the next day the skin is dry, but slightly red.

June – September 2012: the same potencies 4,5 – 6 liters


  • Digestive problems, stomach aches, headaches, the left side of the ape of the neck aches, eczema on the neck, hands and stomach, discharge of lymphatic fluids from the pores on the chest, oozing rash on the palms of the hands, unclear skin on the face, cracked and bleeding skin on the thumbs.

The end of July –end of August: symptoms of inflammation of the urinary tract (no antibiotics, only cranberries) appeared suddenly and suddenly stopped

September: occasional sneezing, blocked nose, swollen eyelids

First successes:

  • The skin of the upper part of the body no longer reacts so acutely to sunrays, the face, hands and forearms are even tanned.

October 2012 – July 13: dilutions from boiled saliva, breath in the potency 7,5 – 12 l


  • Back aches, headaches, aching eyes and the nape of the neck (very intensive), watery diarrhea without stomachache, 14.10. strong aches in the whole of the body, which suddenly stopped on the next day, aching throat and subsequent cough, which lasted in various intensities for 5 months (!), pains in the ear, occasional rash – especially on the neck and hands, 23.1.2013 fever, strong headache and sinus pains.

Progress after 15 months of autopathy:

  • A period without eczema, it appears only occasionally on the thumbs or the wrists.
  • Allergy to sun rays had lessened, patches appear less intensively only in the groin
  • The allergy to eggs had disappeared, my appetite was reduced, I no longer eat tinned fish for breakfast as before (the thyroid gland function had adjusted itself?), sausages no longer taste so good, but white wine and cigars do
  • My digestion got better, I no longer have problems I had before when I changed the environment or after having consumed certain foods
  • More energy, sleep got better
  • I further increase the potency of the autopathic dilution from saliva and breath, I combine boiled and non-boiled. In July 2013 I start systematically adding to the preparations from saliva and breath also autopathy from prana (from 3 liters)


End of August – beginning of October 2013: sudden attacks of sneezing, red and swollen eyes oozing sticky fluid, blocked nose, watery rhinitis. It does not seem to be allergy, because these states arrived suddenly, at various times of the night and day, lasted approximately 2 hours and then they stopped as quickly as they came.

Headaches, itching in the ears, unhealthy, green-grey face color.
Beginning of February 2014: 2 days intensive pains in the whole body, during the next 4 days the pains recede to the head, nose, sinuses, strong rhinitis

Actual condition (end of January 2015):

I apply dilutions from saliva and breath, end with potency of 25 liters. For the dilution from prana, I currently use 35 liters.

The good things:

Infections have no chance; from the beginning of February 2014, I did not have even rhinitis. My energy is good, the mood also, the last value IgE is 130 (December 2013), eczema is gone, the Central European sun does not bother me, I eat milk products without having to worry, I love egg spread.

What do I want to improve:

  • Dry skin on the thumb and the index finger of the right hand
  • Tolerance to sun rays, also in the Southern countries
  • Achieve inner peace

In the year 2012, during my autopathic healing, I started with one course on autopathy and gradually completed all three courses; I took part in conferences on autopathy and further courses and seminars. In spite of my initial skepticism, autopathy convinced me about its effectiveness. It was the only method that really helped me. For that reason, I decided to propagate autopathy in Austria, where I live almost 25 years. I translated the book “Get Well with Autopathy” into German and posted it in the website

The spreading of autopathy is however not so simple as I thought at the beginning. People are distrustful. The best marketing are satisfied clients and on this I concentrate the most now. I started with my own family members, friends and acquaintances. Now I have a whole number of cases, but I will concentrate on the oldest ones, because here one can see the development the best.

Man (*1959) with third stage of arthritis

First contact in November 2012: sportsman – trainer, suffers from frequent virus infections and anginas, had hepatitis type A in the past, his biggest problem is an advanced arthritis in the hip joints and knees, less intensive one in the shoulders. One could see that each movement hurts him.


  • 4 weeks, 1,5 liters alternating boiled saliva and breath 3x a week
  • 2 weeks the same, but only 2x a week
  • 6 weeks the same in the potency of 3 liters, 2x a week


  • Already after the first applications he feels “huge appetite and strength”, the dilutions function as natural doping. Thus he uses autopathy even more frequently.
  • He has no longer appetite for coffee, can drink only small quantity of alcohol, otherwise he gets heartburn
  • At the end of a series of autopathic dilutions from 3 liters, his shoulder joints start hurting, where however the arthritis is not so progressed as in the pelvis and knees (Hering’s Law – from top of the body downward). The pain is different to before, as if the joints would burn inside.
  • The client proceeds according to the same plan and increases to 4,5 liters boiled saliva and breath.


  • Pains in the shoulders increase. He can move only through the power of his will.
  • Decrease of potency to 3 liters, the pain in the joints weakens. After some weeks, he increased to 4 liters and then continues with 5 and 6 liters.

 Successes after 18 months of autopathy (May 2014):

  • He is hardly ill anymore, anginas and frequent flu stopped, when he feels that something my be coming, he applies autopathy
  • He changes his eating habits, lost 15 kg, looks great
  • The pain in the arthritic joints has strongly lessened
  • Psychically in good condition

Further development:

  • He gradually arrived at a potency of 12 liters and had alternated boiled saliva and breath. The pains in the joints have ceased completely. Every time he felt that he might be getting ill, he applied 4-6 liters
  • In August 2014, he had an accident with knee injury (fractured shoulder blade, punctured lung, disjointed shoulder, broken ribs) and spent a long time in the hospital and rehabilitation. Nevertheless, his injuries healed very quickly. The traumatologists have not expected such a good recovery
  • When he had returned from the hospital, he returned to 6 liters (boiled saliva and breath). I suggested to him a combination with non-boiled dilutions and slow increase of the dilution. Through the forced long inactivity, he put on 9 kg on weight and had to spend much effort to get into form again.

Woman (*1965) with chronic eye inflammation

The first consultation in the middle of February 2014


  • Back pains
  • Diagnosis of gastritis, which since some time no longer demonstrates itself
  • Not long ago suffered from pulmonary embolism caused by long stay in bed after an operation of a knee injury
  • Burnout syndrome
  • What bothers her the most are red and aching eyes – it looks like an inflammation – which had started 2 years ago. At the beginning, once a month, the left side of her face and the eye ached with a pulsating pain. After a year, the pain occurred more frequently and now, the eye hurts her all the time. They made various tests, including a blood test, but these did not confirm infection. She has to take painkillers, but does not like to do this.
  • She had heard about autopathy and on 17.10.2013 had tried a dilution prom prana (? litres). She felt a flood of energy and joy; she did not feel any ache in the eye. Then she applied various dilutions from saliva without boiling in the potencies of 6,7,6, and 5 litres. However, permanent improvement did not arrive.

My recommendation

Alternate boiled saliva and breath 4x in the row, the fifth application combined dilution of boiled saliva and breath, starting with 3 litres. Apply a series of strong potencies within 2 weeks and each time gradually increase by 1,5 litre.

Consultation after 6 weeks, end of 6 l:

  • She does not like meat anymore, she eats it max. 1x a week. She hardly eats any sweets, although she loved it before.
  • Frequent pains in the lower back and the nape of the neck, after 4,5 litres strong tiredness – had to stay in bed for 2 days, the eye aches, but not all the time and lo longer so intensively. She no longer needs to take painkillers.

The client increases to 7,5 litres and increases gradually by 1 litre (she has a filter). The preparations are the same, 1x a week


Weepiness, problems with a neck vertebrate (it was corrected and she has to exercise the neck muscles), occasional nausea of the stomach, she works physically, which causes her back pains. At the end of July she got ill and had 38,2°C – she does not remember, when she had a fever the last time. After that, she was weak for three weeks and could not do anything strenuous. She has been applying healing codes, and after many years, she made peace with her mother.

Further recommendations:

To stay with the potency of 12 litres, then increase, the preparations remain the same. After arriving at 15 litres, the last dilution should not be boiled. The frequency according to her feelings, she decided on application 1x a week.


At the end of the application of a potency from 12 litres, the eye started aching again and the back pain returned. In October 2014, she felt very ill for 6 days, she had to lie in bed and the whole of her body and both (!) eyes had hurt. Because of the pain, she could not even move the eyes. But then all got quickly better. She tried prana again (5,6,7 litres).

Condition after 11 months of autopathy 21.1.2015

Right now she ends the potency of 16 litres, the eye “is super”, she is feeling well, sometimes she has a slight back ache, however, to improve this radically, she would have to change her job. She does not suffer from infections. The only thing that she would like to improve now is to be able to arrive at inner peace and improve her concentration.

Further recommendations:

Continue slowly increasing the potency, combine boiled and non-boiled dilutions from saliva and breath.

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