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24.4.2014 | Katerina Uhrickova | katerina.uhrickova@seznam.cz

The female client, over 20 years old, came to me at the end of the year 2012 because of epileptic seizures from which she suffered since she was seventeen. The seizures came on average every 14 days, and this during the day and also at night. When it arrived during the day, the client became unconscious, which lasted around half an hour. After waking up, she felt for the rest of the day dazed, as if not in her body, disoriented, could not think constructively and her orientation deteriorated. When the seizure arrived in her sleep, she felt the next day the same way as after the day seizures. Every time she had the seizure in a public place, she reproached herself for being embarrassing and a burden to people and she cursed innerly those who called the ambulance to bring her to the hospital. This means that after waking up she was often negatively tuned to herself and to her environment. The client took twice a day two kinds of medicaments: the food supplement Magne B6 and Valproat for suppressing the seizures. This medication had obviously subdued her, and on first sight the client made an impression of being slightly mentally handicapped, which was reinforced by the fact that the right side of her face tilted to the side. This was a consequence of an unsuccessful operation carried out when she was seven years old, in which a cyst, which was there since her birth, was removed from the brain and in which a nerve of the right ear was severed. The seizures came almost in all stress situations, mainly in the periods before school examinations. Communication with the client was not easy, great patience and time was needed. She had found it difficult to find the right expressions, could not remember basic words and felt incapable. She made an impression of a butterfly in a cocoon, because internally she was perceptive and clever, but her external expression was very difficult. She often cursed herself for her own slowness, not only in the area of communication. She had very low self-esteem and it appeared that her family did not improve it. She was scolded when in the unconscious state she fell down and injured herself. At the same time there was an apparent strong fixation on the family, as if her development had stopped at the beginning of puberty. Her family had high expectations of her, which, because of her condition she could not fulfil, and they often compared her with her environment, which brought her frustration. She did not have relationships, she did not feel to be attractive and intelligent enough, but she would like to have one. When she was sixteen, she was platonically in love with a high school boy, who tragically died in a car accident. This was a great shock for her, from which she could not recover for a long time, and which, in my opinion, was one of the main triggers of the epilepsy. Since then she started to isolate herself, she could not understand why so young and beautiful person could have died.

Otherwise the client feels healthy, she does not have any complaints, not even common illnesses such as flu, no musculoskeletal disorders, she sleeps well.

Recommended was application of an autopathic dilution made from non-heated breath using one litre of water, once a week. This should be repeated six times in succession, followed by a consultation.

The first consultation took place at the beginning of January 2013, thus approximately in five weeks’ time. In the course of the autopathic treatment she had three seizures. The first came in school before an examination, from where she had to be brought by an ambulance to the hospital. Because of this event, the client decided to interrupt her study of pedagogy. This decision had brought her much relief, because she no longer had to face the stress experienced during the examination periods. The next seizure occurred in a bus, when she went to the doctor for a prescription. Again, an ambulance had to be called and the client woke up in a hospital. However, she felt a change: before the attack she had a feeling that she can handle the situation. When she woke up in the hospital she was in a bad mood and dizzy for only ten minutes, then her normal physical and psychic condition returned. The next seizure arrived at night, but in the morning she felt fresh and rested.

The client feels generally better, besides the seizures she is healthy, does not have any pain or other disorders and sleeps well. On the first sight she looks more intelligent, her communication is more fluent, she can speak better and does not criticize herself so much. She is starting to reflect in a more healthy way about her relations to her family. She reduced her medication by half, because the physician was on holidays and she was running out of them. She had discovered that the lower doses is better for her and does not have any influence on the number of seizures. Because the client is interested also in the spiritual side of life, we have agreed upon supporting measures according to Eckhart Tolle, conscious relaxation of the body and mind and the technique of conscious breathing, which should help her to an increased contact with her body and herself. She is interested in spiritual, karmic, reasons for the death of her platonic love from the high school.

For the further procedure in the healing I selected autopathic dilution from non-heated breath made initially from 2,5 litres and applied once a week 3x consecutively, followed by dilution using 3 litres applied also 3x once a week.

The client came for the next consultation at the end of the year 2013. The seizures arrive only during the day and this always when she visits her grandmother and grandfather. She sees in them her mirror image and becomes aware of their established programs and family patterns, which are transferred over her mother also to herself, and which restrict her.

The grandparents allow the client a small amount of free will. During the seizures she becomes unconscious, but when she awakes, she feels whole and good. We managed to prevent some of the seizures through her self-awareness and will. She already recognises the feelings preceding the seizures.

In comparison to the previous consultations, the communication with the client improved, she speaks fluently and on the first sight she takes an increased care of herself as a woman – she makes herself pretty and looks good. She no longer gives the impression of a „cocoon”, her inner feelings are more in tune with the outer behaviour and expression. She had found work, which she liked at the beginning, but then she started to feel pressure from her environment because of her slowness and so after one month she left. It was relief for her. She could not cope with her colleagues, whom she faced at the end and told them what she thinks of them. This was a great advancement in the attitude to herself and in setting her own borders. She was told off at home for it, but she did not care, she knew that she had to do it.

She still takes the regular medication prescribed by the physician, does not suffer from seasonal illnesses or other disorders, sleeps well. To release anger, resistances and similar emotions, it was recommended to her to get some exercise in the fresh air, skating or running, which the client likes. At the same time I discovered the client’s strong isolation, she is afraid to go out. Basically she only goes out to do shopping, for work or study duties, to visit her physician and this only during the day. I recommended to her to open herself up to more social life with her peers. She was surprised by the idea that she could go out alone in the evening, go in the café or cinema, to dance, and she obviously liked this idea.

As the next step in the healing I selected the application of an autopathic dilution made from only 3 litres, this time from boiled saliva alternated with boiled breath, until the next consultation. I felt that we can already implement a larger dynamisation in the healing.

The last consultation took place in mid-April 2013. The client is starting to revolt against her nearest environment, which oppressed her until now. This means that she expresses her negative emotions externally, she does not hold them back. She is starting to defend her own opinions. As if she would go through puberty, which she never had. Half way through the consultation I had to ask her if she had any seizures, and to our surprise we established that she did not have any since two months. She has need for greater personal freedom, need for living independently, to discover the world outside her. She feels much better. She met her former teacher, who offered her a place in a choir, which she accepted. She likes singing, she meets new people, and she slowly came to realize that she is not useless and that she can do something well. Singing fulfils her and increases her self-confidence, she discovered her own value.

The communication with the client is more fluent, her speech quicker, she laughs a lot. She is happier and she begins to like her own figure.

The consultation in April was the last that the client attended. I was interested to find out how her case develops and so I have written to her at the beginning of this year, asking her how is she doing. She wrote back and I quote: „Good day, excuse me that I did not contact you earlier. As far as epilepsy is concerned, I feel great, I have no longer any seizures, even before examinations”. This means that the client is seizure-free since 11 months and other treatment is, at least at the present, not necessary.



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