Ulcerous colitis and autopathy

10.12.2012 | Ing. Jan Matyas | jan.matyas@email.cz

Ulcerous colitis, or idiopathic proctolitis, is a serious disease of the large intestine and the anus. The symptoms are diarrhoea mixed with blood, caused by ulcers in the large intestine. It is a chronic inflammation of the large intestine with periods of acute symptoms, and periods of temporary improvements. Current medicine considers it to be practically incurable. People who have this disease usually take their whole life anti-inflammatory drugs. When the medicaments do not help, the most damaged part of the large colon is surgically removed.

The view of an autopathic consultant or a homeopath is different. Illness is seen as an imbalance in the body that was brought about as a consequence of weakening of vital force that maintains the state of health in an organism. When we support the vital force with autopathy (or the correct homeopathic remedy), improvement of vital reaction takes place and with it also the removal of the illness manifestations in the body – in our case ulcerative colitis. It is theory that makes sense only then, when with its help we can achieve a real return to health of the treated person.  I have several clients, who had managed to get rid of this disorder. Here two examples:

Case 1: Young man in his early thirties, good natured, smiling, comes to me in the first half of the year 2010. He says that his main problem is ulcerative colitis, in other words idiopathic procolitis (idiopathic = arising spontaneously, or from an obscure or unknown cause), for which he takes medicaments already 4 years. It started with a loss of appetite, diarrhoea, in the night he had to go 3-4x to the toilet with bloody diarrhoea. At the time of the consultation he is generally without problems, treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, keeps to a diet, but when he does not take his medication or breaks the diet, the problems arrive again within 3-5 days, the illness is only camouflaged, not cured. Besides these problems he is quite healthy, occasionally he has pains in the neck after an accident, he has toenail fungus, his hair are thinning more.  It is also interesting that the ulcerative colitis started at a time when he had much work, responsibility for several companies and also own profession. The case demonstrated signs of a chronic inflammation (large intestine, nails, hair) and so I chose repeated autopathy from heated saliva – used once every second day, first from 3 l that he repeated 3x, then from 4,5l that he repeated 2x, then from 6 l  2x, after telephone consultation he continued with 8 l 2x a week and finally 10 l once. During the first follow-up consultation after 5 weeks I learned that after about 10 days of using autopathy he stopped taking the medicaments and started eating everything. He did not have the problems like before when within 5 days at the latest the problems returned. He could drink beer now, which was forbidden before, and still felt well. In the summer he had colonoscopy and a blood test – the blood test results were was very good, the changes in the large intestine were still there, but were better. At this time, the doctors came with the idea that it could be Crohn’s disease, although he did not have any problems. I advised continuing with 10 l autopathy with heating each 14 days, and in case of the problems returning to contact me immediately. At the follow-up consultation in 4 months after starting using autopathy he is still problem free. He also reports that a further medical examination had ruled out Crohn’s disease and identified objective improvement of the state of the large intestine. In the previous examinations 2/3 of the intestine was affected by the disease, now it is more or less in good condition, especially the end of the large intestine, which was always affected. He took new bottle. Two weeks later the client called me to tell me that the problems returned. Soon the reason for the problem became evident: although he took a new bottle, he still used the old one which contained the information from the initial condition. Also from other cases it is known that when the bottle is used too long a time, a relapse to the initial condition can take place in the organism, therefore it is necessary to change the bottle after certain time, usually after 3 months. Before he called me, he took his previous medicines, which did not work. I recommended to use the new bottle, which has brought change for the better in the course of the next day. In view of the returned problems I recommended to use autopathy with heating made from 4 till 8 l every three days for the next three weeks. The problems did not return, the client stopped using the medication and was without problems for the whole of the next year. He uses autopathy once a week, later once a month. Approximately one year later he experiences one small episode of loose stool without blood, when he preventively called me and in the following weeks used autopathy more often. I ascribe also this sign of relapse to an over-long use of the autopathy bottle. From this time onwards, since two years, his condition remains good, he does not take medication. Also other problems retreated and only fungus on one nail reminded of the inflammation of the organism.

Case 2: Young man, a professional sportsman, came to me with a diagnosis of acute ulcerative colitis. It started two months ago, during this time he has 6-10 – times a day diarrhoea with blood, as good days he considers those, when he has diarrhoea with blood only in the morning. All this time he takes strong suppressive medicaments, except for antibiotics, and a large quantity of anti-inflammatory medicaments, also 60 mg corticoids daily – all this without the condition improving. Needless to say, he does not feel good, because in this state he cannot do any training and his career is in danger. As a sportsman he lives otherwise a healthy life-style, de does not drink alcohol, does not smoke. Besides some common problems, of interest in his health history is that while abroad 2 years ago he had a diarrhoea. From this time he got recurring swollen nodes in the neck and in the groin, which he treated with tea tree oil and food supplements. From this time onwards he was also more tired. Due to a clear indication of an acute and a chronic inflammation in the organism (the concrete localisation is not of prime importance from the viewpoint of autopathy) I recommended application of heated breath from 3 l every second day, totally 3x, from 4,5 l 3x and from 6 l 2x, after this he was to call me. During the telephone consultation everything was different. Already in the first week the diarrhoea stopped and also the blood in the stool, stronger manifested were mycosis and swollen nodes, which ceased after two days. In the course of the second week of applying autopathy a strong rhinitis arrived accompanied by a feeling as in a cold, both ceased towards the end of the second week. The client started to put on weight again, and he did not need to hold back with his food for some time. The recommendation was to still continue every second day with 6 l 3x and 7,5 l 2x, then reduce to 4,5 l (he felt better with this potency, I ask my clients with which potency they feel the best) after 5 days, all this time with heated breath. He arrived to follow-up consultation as healthy man. The last two weeks he already took part in the full training program. He reported that under the supervision of his new physician he stopped all medication within three weeks after starting to use autopathy, currently he does not take any. At the same time, his health condition allows him to take part in long-term engagements abroad. 17 months have passed since then and he uses autopathy approximately once a month from 6 – 10 l non-heated breath.  About one year ago, during a time of large stress, he experienced increased need for passing stool (without diarrhoea and blood), which was immediately resolved by several autopathic applications with heating. He has been all this time without ailments and without medicaments.

The above described cases belong to the best and fastest in my practice, but of course, the results do not always arrive so quickly. However, they illustrate well the fact that with the aid of autopathy chronic diseases, which are considered to be incurable by the classical medicine, can be healed. In the case of the ulcerative colitis the reason for this can be that it is difficult to permanently suppress a chronic inflammation of a significant organ such as the large intestine with the so called anti-inflammatory drugs.  The result of the symptom-suppressive allopathic treatment can arrive in a temporary or long-term improvement of the manifestations of this illness, but always at a price of suppressing the immunity of the organism and the problems connected with it. On the other hand, autopathy stimulates the vital force, which heals the inflammation via the immune system. Thus strengthened immune system usually does not allow a repeated outbreak of the illness. Should nevertheless some manifestations of the problem return, this happens gradually and it usually ceases after repeating autopathy. When the body takes on responsibility for its own condition, it can keep this condition better in order than when it is dependent on medication. Another interesting fact is that healing takes place also when at the same time anti-inflammatory drugs are taken. These however do not have permanent effect and from the viewpoint of autopathy rather block the functioning of the immune system.

P.S: After having written the article I have looked for “ulcerative colitis” in Wikipedia. In the part “Surgery” I have found the following statement “Ulcerative colitis can be relatively well cured. In cases, when it is necessary, the whole of the large intestine is removed and the ill person is permanently freed of the problems”. Without a doubt, at least of the problem called ulcerative colitis.

(Translator’s comment: This quote is taken from the Czech version of the Wikipedia and appears in a similar form also in its English version)


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