A report about the use of autopathy with heating / alcohol

12.3.2011 | Dr. Nina Korinkova | autor@autopathie.de

I work with the device EAV (Electroacupuncture according to Voll). With its homeopathically prepared agents, bacteria, viruses and fungi, it serves the diagnosis of the presence of these agents in the organism, and even of passed virus infections. For example EB virus or cytomegalovirus stay in the organism in a dormant form and when the total balance is disturbed and the immunity is lowered the viruses are activated again. In this dormant form also herpes virus and borrelia remain in the body and during this time it is not possible to detect the presence of borrelia in the blood. Resistance is influenced by various factors such as psychic state, and physical and psychic stress, hormonal system and own immune system, which is also influenced by the diet.

Besides of autopathy I also use herbal concentrates from Douche, which were effective for increasing of resistance according to EAV and also of subjective feelings, and when the clients had serological tests for antibodies made, these have shown that EB viruses, cytomegaloviruses and borrelia objectively disappeared. Problems were with fungi, yeasts, chlamydia and toxoplasmosis – even when I used autopathy and the homeopathic Candida C 30, the yeasts did not disappear – in a subjective way, nor in tests, in spite of improved diet and the use of kitchen soda or Supracid (a medicine for the reduction of acidity). The morning pH improved, but the yeasts strived further.

In January 2010 I started to use autopathy with heated saliva. The points measured for the occurrence of fungi, yeasts and chlamydia are in EAV located as follows: nasopharynx, sinus, small and large intestine, liver gall bladder, genitals, skin, allergy point, urinary bladder, joints.

With the application of autopathy with heating, the fungi and yeasts decreased within three weeks, the slowest process was with chlamydia. After application of autopathy with alcohol, the parasites vanished slower.


My experience with heated autopathic preparation goes back to the end of January, when after one month I switched over to alcohol. I use autopathy three years and had not been ill all this time. The only thing that did not improve was yeasts and fungi. But it was not very bad – only some skin problems now and again and affected nails on two toes of one foot. This year in January I started to cough. Herbs and even autopathy did not help. About a week after application of autopathy I measured fungi, yeasts and chlamydia with EAV and noted their marked reduction. At the beginning of heated potentized saliva the following temporary symptoms arrived, which I knew from the past: enlarged nodules, pains in the joints, at the beginning worsening of rhinitis, craving for sugar, headache, and confused state lasting two days. Within 14 days cough stopped, extreme tiredness improved, I needed less sleep and the rhinitis improved. Craving for sweets passed.
After changing to alcohol and higher dilution (5 l), the EAV detected fungus and yeasts located on the skin. Not in the same intensity as before, but signs appeared such as cracked skin between the fingers and itching skin.

Very busy in her profession – case history: asthma, anticipatory anxieties, small self-confidence, smoker, has phobia, is nervous, ten years ago dependence on alcohol with a delirium tremens.
She was thriving on autopathy for two years, and then the development stopped. After application of heated saliva states of rage returned, cough, one day dyspnoea, sadness, tiredness, restlessness (she has to do something all the time) returned, rash, itchy skin. All this alternated with feelings of being healthy, joy of life and waves of energy. I identified gradual reduction of yeasts, fungi and chlamydia by measurements in the usual places. After one month a changeover to autopathy with alcohol (4 l).  Short return to a state familiar to her took place, resembling condition after a heavy drinking bout with vomiting, weakness, spasms in the stomach, tiredness, stupefaction, phantasms and increased craving for a cigarette.
28.3. she repeated autopathy from 5 l with alcohol – only a temporary state of rage arrived, otherwise everything was in order.

With autopathy a marked improvement of resistance. Cough, as well as frequent inflammation of the bronchi (for which he had been taking antibiotics) and also asthma stopped. In January autopathy did not function and at night he started to choke. After EAV measurements (which identified chlamydia, fungi and Candida albicans) I recommended autopathy with boiling.
After having used autopathy with boiling, the state of breathlessness improved already on the same day, after one week he walked 20 km on a hiking trip without breathing difficulties. He even does not use Zirtec anymore. Gradual reduction of infestation of organism by parasites. In March, change to autopathy using alcohol 2 l, now he is on 3 l. He does not cough anymore, he can breathe well – as he could never before, appearance of eczema and diarrhoea, skin fungus (surface symptoms). Candida 0, intestinal fungi 0, chlamydia 0, only Trichophyton in a skin location. Reverse symptoms: for the first time in 20 years he had a fever of 39°C lasting two days, after which the condition of organism improved, he coughed out a lot, at the beginning green sputum, which became clearer, this changed to a slight cough and now he coughs only when there is dust. His psychic condition was and is good. States of tiredness and waves of energy alternated.

After one week of using autopathy with alcohol she got a headache every day, which she did not have before. Anamnesis: asthma, kidney surgery, temporarily paralyzed in the lower extremities, leiomyoma, Lyme disease. In a telephone consultation we ascertained that before she prepared the autopathic dilution, her husband and her son kissed her on the mouth, which had led to the contamination of the preparation with foreign saliva. We have changed the bottle – the condition improved, head does not ache, breathing is good.


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