Psoriasis: almost everyone can help himself

1.11.2016 | Krystof Cehovsky |

A man, 23 years of age, asked me for a consultation. He had psoriasis since many years. In 2015, after having read the book Get Well with Autopathy, he started practicing autopathy himself. As you will read below, he was very successful as a „lay practitioner„. 

Before our consultation, he had sent me the following email, where he summarises his development after the applications of autopathy:

In the year 2015 (I do not remember the month exactly) – psoriasis retreated almost immediately after autopathy from prana, 6 l. It happened in the course of 2 weeks. First, a marked improvement of psychic condition took place, followed by a gradual retreat of the patches. At this time I used 2x 6 l in the course of 2 weeks. Subsequently, I changed to a potency of 9 l, the retreat of the psoriasis continued and with it also psychic improvement, because a problem was disappearing, with which I had been fighting the half of my life. This continued, until only one small area remained on the back, exactly between the shoulder blades, and I think there was also another one, but it was not an issue for me. And it was exactly then, I do not know for what mysterious reasons, that I have stopped with autopathy and after a certain time, let us say 2-3 weeks, my condition started to worsen again. Slowly, the patches started to reappear – a mystery remains also the fact that I did not remember autopathy.

To summarise his initial condition and the subsequent development until the time of our consultation: Before he started with autopathy, he had patches on the whole of his back, chest, thighs and forearms. He has been suffering with it from the 12th year of age. After the first applications in summer 2015, his condition strongly improved until a stage, when psoriasis was hardly present on his body. This condition, very unusual for him, lasted until the autumn of the same year. After this, he did not use autopathy at all, he forgot about it, and he also forgot, how miraculously it had helped him.

He remembered again at the end of July 2016 and contacted me for advice about what to do. My recommendation could not be any other than that he should repeat that, which had helped him one year ago and to make autopathy from prana 1 in dilution 9 l (this was the last and the highest applied potency, after which continual positive improvement of the condition took place). The application frequency 1x a week.

In a follow-up consultation after one month he described that a positive stimulation of the 9 l took place already after the first application (as the year before) and with each new application the positive development had been multiplied. The middle areas of the red patches grew paler and disappeared and only their thin rims remain. He feels generally very well.
The recommendation from this consultation: continue with 9 l weekly. Should in the first weeks no further improvement arrive and the condition stagnate, increase to 10,5 l.

The case of this young man demonstrates that after reading several chapters from a book, almost everyone can help himself, and this also in the case of the so called incurable diseases, which, from the viewpoint of allopathic medicine, includes also psoriasis.


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