Lowering of PSA to norm

15.2.2013 | Stepan Robek | robek@robex-dk.cz

I would like to tell you my life story a little unconventionally, more from the viewpoint of my feelings and emotions that accompanied me through the course of treatment. They became inseparable and unforgettable part of my therapy as I experienced it and my wish is that it will be of use to some of you someday.

About 6 years ago, two independent healers told me that I can expect to have problems with prostate. I did not believe it because I did not have any symptoms that would indicate it. In spite of that I took the medicines they recommended, but unfortunately was not concerned with it anymore. Four years later I was examined because of some problems with my digestion and was informed, that amongst other things I have enlarged prostate. I still did not feel that there is anything wrong with it.  The doctors did not address this problem, the issue was my gastrointestinal tract. Totally different healer recommended me to check the level of PSA. I still did not give it much importance. Over a year later, small symptoms came, with a slightly lower blood pressure, getting up one or twice a night and other symptoms that did not seem to me to be serious and I considered them to be rather a physiological process corresponding to my age of 61 years. I was far more concerned about bags above and under my eyes that appeared some years ago and were getting larger. I have therefore consulted a reputable urologist, almost a family friend, because I was sure that I have this unsightly problem from kidneys. I was also confident that I have for it a hereditary predisposition. After ultrasound examination of the kidneys the doctor told me that they are all right and that the cause of the problem could be the heart or the liver. While I was there already, I have also asked him to examine the prostate. After 14 days I have submitted to him a European questionnaire of all symptoms of the enlarged prostate. The doctor read it, looked at the results of the laboratory tests and literally stunned me by his statement: “What do you want, you have a prostate cancer”!

I was not prepared at all for such a sentence and was overcome by fear and grief. I left the surgery without shaking hands, I was not capable of speaking nor driving a car, I had the feeling that everything ends. I stopped at the first petrol station, wept my heart out, drank two cups of coffee and continued for home. For what I did not find an answer was the psychical cause of the illness, did it develop because of my life style? I saw before my eyes a film of a futile, extremely long and exhausting battle my wife had led with this malign illness that she had lost in the very young age of 30 years. I also saw also a very sad story of my one year older brother that died of cancer not quite two years ago. Really a very bad starting basis for my decision about what to do next!?  I have thought the most about my young, pretty, loving wife, emotionally dependent on me, loving children, two not yet grown up, and about my newly born second grandson. How shall I tell them that? What will be with them? Who will finish for me all the things I have started in life! I imagined that I will have to order a container and throw away from the garage, garden house, cellar, and all the things that I accumulated in my whole life. And what about my company with the 20 great people, friends, financially dependent on me the same way as my family dependent on them. The storm of questions did not take and. Suddenly, and I don’t even know how it came about, ladies forgive me, I screamed in the car: “You monster, you won’t get me, I am not the right type for you!” And I screamed again: “I already picked the worst for the whole life for at least 10 guys!…” This last sentence told me my father when he was dying in a hospital with black bedsores.  And there he did not know and could not, that life will tragically take also my daughter away from me. Allow me also to say, that my father, although he was a simple man, told me another great life wisdom that I would like to share with you because it wonderfully fits in this context: Guard your health and take best care of it, otherwise you will become doctors’ hostages. I hear these words often in my years and here it helped me to mobilize all my strength. I started to systematically think about what everything needs to be done. I decided not to scare my wife and children, no one should know anything. Only one person, my friend from the army service, learned about it. I called him. And this was good, because from him and especially from his wife whom he spilled it out, came the most of the alternative emails from which I drew a lot. But first of all, I was not alone with it.

Two months later I had to go for a control examination, bring new results from the laboratory about the development of the illness. Before this the doctor informed me about the necessity of taking a tissue sample for histological examination and about the chronology of future medical interventions and treatments. It was not a good vision. In my mind I have already absolutely rejected any medical physical intervention, mainly due to fear from starting a spread of the cancer and infections to other parts of the body. I have searched out all sources of information about what prostate cancer means, what medical treatment it requires and what prognosis for further development of the illness is there. I was not very happy with that and immediately I started to search for all sorts of alternative therapies. Some I know from yoga, reiki, etc. I changed my eating habits totally. I stopped working too much, I reduced my working hours by half to max. 6 hours, I forbade myself work during the weekends and holidays.  I set out to do the total of about 25 activities beneficial to health, many recognized as preventive, anti-cancer. But I was aware all the time that this is only a comforting self-defense and that the beginning of the real offensive lies somewhere deeper. I continued to search in magazines, in received emails from alternative friends, in various websites.

One day I have found in the magazine Medunka a word that I have not heard before: AUTOPATHY, in an article by Jiri Cehovsky. Although there were many other expert articles from various alternative fields, I have intuitively literally jumped at it. I have devoured line after line, devoured and devoured. I looked at www pages of AUTOPATHY and at the earliest possible time I took part in a course nr. 1. I bought books, autopathy bottle, a burner, and started with therapy.

Due to my diagnosis and my age over 60 years, I wanted to start with a potency of 40C, but die to my good vitality I decided on 60C. The first month daily boiled saliva, second month boiled breath.

I approached the rituals with autopathy bottle that became almost mystical with unbelievable humility, love and faith. I cannot say where I got the strength or rather such conviction, and this without any doubts, that this battle will be won. After two months I went quite relaxed to the laboratory for my results that corresponded to my expectations. Great joy overcame me when I saw it, only now my hands started to tremble. The PSA was lower, from 6,8, to 1,28. I knew that I will be celebrating this day as the day of my rebirth, I considered the visit of a specialist doctor almost as a formality.

I have to say that the doctor was without pretense very positively surprised and glad. I wanted to explain to him how I got to these results, but he signaled to me that he is short of time and so I got only to the change of diet and the significant reduction of sour pH, for which I also have to thank Mr. Cehovsky. Until the time that I read the book Get Well with Autopathy I had a slightly alkaline pH, measured in the medical surgery and at home. After having read to book, I have found out that I am “sour like a lemon”. Saliva showed max. pH 6,3-6,5. Now I drink 2-3 times a day warer with sodium bicarbonate, try to eat alkaline foods and my pH is stable at 6,9-7. It was, Mr. Cehovsky, very professional from you and I thank you very much that you enriched autopathy by the problematics of pH. I would probably still have problems, were it not for your book. Of course I have to think how many people must have the same problem and about the expertise of medical practitioners and the producers of foodstuffs.

But to return to my talks with the doctor. He complimented me and even advised me that I should eat sufficient quantity of vegetables with the meat. He told the nurse that I am an excellent patient and advised me to go on taking the prescribed medicines. In the waiting room waited other broken-down men with bottle sin the hand that reminded of the autopathy bottle, but without the vortex chamber and the outlet tube. I felt very sorry for them, I would so like to help them. I have the doctor the hand and noted the date of the next visit. He suggested 6 months, but changed it to seven because the laboratory examination of blood and urine will not be necessary. Fantastic VICTORIA. Although I so wanted to tell him about autopathy, this talk did not take place. The beautiful paradox is, as my wife later found out, that this medical practitioner and specialist in urology is a patient of a famous numerologist and autopathic consultant, even when for reasons other than his own professional ones. This came down as a bomb, I cried of joy, the next time the doctor and I will have a nice chat. No one will stop me next time!

After this confirming result I invited my family to a dinner, except for my youngest daughter, and there I told them carefully what happened to me, what I experienced. I also told them that they do not need to be afraid of such an illness, that it is actually something like a flu or an angina that can be prevented through good diet and life-style. But mainly, that I want to say this everywhere, and that they should also make it known.  That I am a healthy, living, and non-dissected example of that it can be this way and how it functions. I also told them that I knew I will win. I had to win, because the idea of a loss of masculinity through this diagnosis was totally unacceptable for me and I know about this quite a lot from my environment.  This was a strong motivation for me. I could not live with such a handicap. For that I still feel too young. I could not see the fruitless longing of my wife for making love with me, I could not buy her dildos, find her a lover, and I could not respect him if my wife would found him herself, although I believe that she would never do it.  Although it is perhaps selfish and cowardly, for this price I would not insist on life. I am happy that my wife and children understood it, and that I could say it to them and did not have to comment it further.

My wife of course expressed her regret that I had to handle the illness alone, but today I would decide in the same way. Her and the children’s worries about me, general grief, psychic burden, changes in our behavior that would accompany us, with it the worries of my 20 employees. This would not be a good basis for healing.

Now I use potency 120C twice a week, again I first boil saliva and then breath. I am glad to invite and look forward to old symptoms that arrive in a disciplined way, for example tennis elbow, pains in the joints and hands and the fingers of the hand, in the ankles, etc. Besides this I also used autopathy twice to get rid of angina. It was enough for two days to make twice 40C from boiled saliva and it was over. A simple magic! Now I will blush a bit, but I have to tell you something related to the healing. Excuse me ladies. After the prostate cancer was cured, a really wonderful experience of sexual climax developed. Before this the earth trembled, now it is the whole universe. It is another, fantastic, I don’t know if ever described, effect of the healing of prostate with autopathy. This can the doctors with their methods never achieve. I hope that this is not only my personal feeling. Gentlemen, please, confess, perhaps incognito, if you had similar feelings and went through the same diagnosis, so that we have clarity from a professional point of view. I thank for all.

Also let me tell you that after my healing I spoke about my diagnosis everywhere openly and without shame. I spoke about it also in my company meeting at the end of the year and in a New Year Rowing Club party with presence of 70 acquaintances and friends. At this party I also told them openly that one can see in the possoirs that many of them can no longer urinate over a lorry like in their youth and that many of them are beyond competition, especially those who at the same time turn their eyes up breathe like if they are walking up the fourth floor. A lot all my friends in the 60ties do this. I recommended to them not to underestimate it  like I did. My confession and the appeal had a very good resonance. I promised to some friends and employees who were interested a more detailed report about my healing and a more detailed introduction to the secrets of autopathy. We all look forward to it.

And so I ask also you, autopaths who are present, healers and being healed: tell all people of this world about this method, and do not be shy or afraid of the doctors, tell them about it. We will not allow alternative methods be boycotted and not accepted anymore . I promise to do this and to continue doing it.

At the end I want to say that my wife declared me to a GURU of my children and not only from gratitude, but also from persuasion, she and my daughter want to fully practice autopathy and take part in all courses. My daughter and also I would like to become consultants, and not only we, but also my work colleagues, my daughter’s friend, acquaintances. Autopathy had become a part of our everyday life. Its greatest magic lies in the fact that one does not have a feeling of being treated. The absence of medical environment, medical treatment, therapies, and often stressful examinations, make this method to such a gentle experience, perhaps caused by accompanying subtle resonances, that one gets a feeling to have experienced a happy life episode, which he does not connect with healing, because these beautiful feelings miss the hallmarks of treatment and actually exclude it. I excuse therefore, when I can at all, all those who, although they use autopathy, did not grow aware of this phenomenal reality of mysterious healing and did not arrive at respect, humbleness and thankfulness, like I felt from their stories in books and video recordings. Mr. Cehovsky, allow me to do this for all those whom you healed and who forgotten to do this.

My wife, my children and I are extremely grateful and devoted to you Mr. Cehovsky for my healing and look up to you with the greatest humbleness and respect. As a sign of thanks and acknowledgement we want to pass your teaching about autopathy to all people who we will meet on the way through our lives.

I thank you for all of us from all my heart.



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