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15.3.2013 | Zbysek Nadenik |

Dear Mr. Cehovsky,
With much interest I read your book about autopathy. The book interested me so much that when while reading it, I told to myself what shall I do with my reserve of homeopathic remedies, when I will not need them anymore…Well, it will not be quite so, but it is interesting, which direction homeopathy takes. I did not wait and made myself a preparation of 42.potency from one litre. After 10 days of application it is too early for a valuation, but I have the feeling, that the preparation works well. I have a strange feeling of  change in perceiving myself, as it happened to me when I experimented with homeopathy. And since I use it I did not have a headache yet, as was usually the case when I was tired. /…/ it is really good.

Best regards, Pavel V, Praha


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