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Dear Mr. Cehovsky,

Our whole family had read your book on autopathy. Three members already use it. Father already third year, mother halt a year and my husband second year. They are satisfied. I want to thank you this way on their behalf. I am one of the helpless mothers and want to ask you advice. We have twins, born through caesarean section, everything was ok, daughter came out second 2 minutes after her brother. They are now 2 years and four months old and a problem started little a year ago with my daughter. That children wake up in the night several times is normal and that is why I also did not undertake anything and waited until it stops. But on the contrary, the older and more perceptive she is, the worse it is…She mainly wakes up around 3-4 a.m. and cannot sleep again, she rolls from side to side, she probably tries to fall asleep again, but in vain, then she starts to talk, then she is edgy, probably because she is tired and wants to sleep, but without success, and so it goes 2-3 hours and then she finally sleeps a while. Sometimes she wakes up already after midnight and does not sleep until 4 in the morning, her record is 6 hours awake. I felt sorry for her, she wanted to sleep so much. I solve it that I stroke her, I say that it is night and she should sleep, I play possum so that she understands that we cannot play and that she should sleep. I tried really everything, I even take her into our bed, but also without hope. But she is a sleeper, she goes to sleep at 8 p.m., she falls asleep immediately and at noon she can sleep 2-3 hours, but I wake her up earlier, she should sleep rather at night. About once a week she manages to sleep the whole night. I have bought for her an autopathic bottle that I make for her every 14 days, of course I don’t know if correctly. In the evening I clean her teeth without toothpaste, in the morning on empty stomach I take her saliva with a dropper, I lock myself in the room alone, sometimes with her, I have gloves and mouth protection and I diluted the saliva in the bottle 3x per week with 1-2 bottled still water, now 2x per week with 3 l and think at that time on the given problem. Then I put some drops on her chakra on the forehead and the rest in the mouth. O know, perhaps it is too soon, or I do not do it correctly, I am not sure about the dilution. I would like to help her, it is a terrible helplessness, but I still believe…

I thank you in advance for your time and your advice, for the book and the bottle.

J. Lenka


The potency is much too low. Give her 6 l and when it does not work until 14 days, go to 12 l.  You can go even higher, for example to 25 l. Relatively healthy children without serious illnesses require high potencies.




I would like to share my happiness and success with you. Following your advice I have increased the potency to 6l 1x a week and it is already a 3rd week when my daughter sleeps the whole night through. You have helped us very much and I thank you for it! I wish you much further success.

J. Lenka


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