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15.1.2014 | Gabriela | gabriela@autopathy.info

Dear Mr Cehovsky,

The last time I have written was in July, when we worked together on the shingles in my operated hand, which I had already for the second time after oncological sampling. I must tell you that last week I was again at the regular check-up at oncology. All results from sonographic and blood tests are perfectly ok. The physician even informed me that the hematoma on the liver (he had found it 5 years ago and said that it is common in women over 45 and that with age it can increase in size or in number) has decreased its size from 18 m to 14 mm.

The last time we corresponded about how to proceed in order to stop getting the bacteria of shingles at the next blood test. I must tell you that immediately after I came home from the examination and the blood test, I preventively made autopathic dilution with 4,5 l from boiled saliva. I repeated it the next day – I was worried that what I have experienced already 2x does not repeat. The week before the blood test I have increased the doses of water with kitchen soda and tried to avoid sweet foods and sugar.

Today it is a week after the sonography and the blood test and everything is fine!!!!!! I am also very happy that my results are perfectly ok!!! The physician at oncology told me that my blood picture is impeccable and that in cured patients who have undergone chemotherapy this can be seen only rarely! So Mr Cehovsky, autopathy had demonstrated again, how excellent and irreplaceable healing method it is!

Additionally I have to tell you that I have never felt so marvellous as now, and this after cancer and after the age of fifty! I enjoy every day, I have continually a good life-feeling and I believe in myself.

My daughter Petra, who thanks to autopathy had a marvellous pregnancy and natural and quick birth, when she gave birth to a healthy boy weighing 3,66 kg, continues with autopathy.  Although as mother she is aware of the treacherousness of inoculation in children, but she does not have such courage as to leave Tomas without it and her husband wishes that the boy is inoculated. So she takes Tomas to be inoculated and when she comes home she makes autopathy for him. The result – Tomas is a beautiful and happy baby, he does not have any reactions to the inoculation as other children do. He also sleeps nicely the whole night, has always a smile on his face and is absolutely content the whole day.

I thank you for everything, and this not only for me but also for my whole family (all of us, all 4 generations, use autopathy). I cannot express it in words, how much you helped me and the whole of my family by autopathy!!!!!! Thanks go also to Veronika Kucerova who introduced me to autopathy and also helped me.

Thank you for everything!
Wishing you nice days,
Hanka Rouckova, Plzen


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