7.9.2008 | Jiri Cehovsky |

High school student. She came to me in November because of a headache. This year she had it very often, in the last two months all the time. She went through many medical examinations including CT (X-ray computed tomography), but a cause or a solution was not found. Besides this, she had also stomach aches and regularly once in two months also throat ache with a swelling of the tonsils or an angina with serious symptoms such as fever and exhaustion. She also suffered from asthma since several years and used a spray in acute situations every second day. Dyspnea used to get worse during stays in the countryside.

Control in January: Headache stopped one week after use of autopathic dilution (C 120, or 3 l water poured through the autopathy bottle) and did not return. Stomach ache passed after about a month. We should note here the rule “from centre out“. First the headache stops, then the stomach. In December she had twice initial signs of „angina“ with swollen tonsils, but only with small pain and without fever and exhaustion and it lasted only four days (it used to be fourteen days before). Now she had twice a pain in the wrist of one hand, where she never had pain before. The pain moved from the centre – from the head to the periphery – the hand. The pain in the hand bothers her only slightly. Dyspnea got much better, instead of using the spray every second day, she uses it once a week. During all the observed time she takes medicaments (three kinds) against asthma, which she had taken also before. She was in the countryside – but without dyspnea.

I asked her, if she had spoken about the treatment to her friends or fellow students. She said that she had spoken to them and that no one wondered about it much. All accepted autopathy as a natural and successful approach.


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