Immunodeficiency in a young girl

24.9.2019 | Dr. Martina Kormundova |

A girl, age 14, the only child, the mother was monitored in pregnancy because of advanced age, spontaneous birth, 4 days phototherapy for icterus neonatorum. Frequent upper respiratory ways infections and inflammations of the middle ear.

Problematic family background, parents divorced when she was 2 years old, at the beginning they fought over her, unsatisfactory relationship with her father, who has a new family.

In the first months of her life she had bronchopneumonia, in her 5th month she was hospitalized again for inflammation of the lung. Diagnosed this time was reduced muscle tension. This was followed by a hospitalization in a clinic, exercising with the Vojta method for reduced muscle tonus, delayed motoric, later she could sit and crawl, she made her first steps at 2 years and 2 months of age.

Recurring upper respiratory ways infections, throat pains with fever, recurring acute tonsillitis and otitis media, frequent treatment with antibiotics.

At the age of 5, she had EBV – infectious mononucleosis, where she had to be hospitalized in a clinic for infectious diseases, with subsequent immunodeficiency, first diagnosis of neutropenia – an abnormally low concentration of neutrophils in the blood.

In pre-school age frequent urination, night incontinence, but without proven infectious cause, cause psychosomatic. Respiratory ways infections, repeated treatment with antibiotics.

Starting school, the girl does not go to school for more than a week at a time due to recurring infections of the respiratory ways, repeated treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics.

When about 8, diagnosis of protein in urine, dysuria and frequent urination. Repeated treatment of urology problems with antibiotics. Subsequently also gynecological treatment for recurring discharges, diagnosed streptococcus, staphylococcus and candida albians. Here too repeated treatment with antibiotics and antimycotics, topical and systemic applications. Persisting aches in abdomen and lower abdomen, increased flatulence, tendency to constipation, during treatment with antibiotics looser stool. At 10 years of age, following several combinations of antibiotics, a pseudomembrane syndrome with obstruction. Diagnosed “leaky gut syndrome”, increased intestinal permeability.

The last 3 years repeated upper respiratory ways infections, tonsil hypertrophy and adenoid vegetation. Recurring streptococcal infections, aphthous ulcers and painful herpes ulcers on the lips.

Allergy and immunology testing, allergy excluded, identified high levels of antibodies for EBV and CMV – no other virologic tests made, diagnosed neutropenia – lowered count of neutrophils, increased count of lymphocytes B and monocytes.

Treatment with Bronchovaxom, Ribomunyl, Luivac prescribed by Immunology – without notable clinical effect.

The last 2 years headaches of a migraine type, frequent throat aches, subfebrile till febrile, max. one week at school before becoming ill again.

The local pediatrician does not know what to do anymore. Due to the large absence in school in the previous year, the girl is allowed to be taught at home and only goes to school to be examined. It is the pediatrician, who recommended trying alternative medicine.

Objective findings in September 2017, first consultation with me:

Slender, petite girl, asthenic, pale skin, chilly. Intelligent, has good marks at school, she likes to paint, to learn foreign languages and modern music. She complained about throat aches, headaches in the area of the sinuses, general tiredness and lack of appetite. She had slightly enlarged throat glands under the jaw and along the sternocleidomastoid muscle, cool and sweaty extremities, has been biting her nails since early age, suffered from trichotillomania, a disorder of pulling out one’s own hair. Also: herpes lesion in the right corner of the lower lip, cracked and painful corners of the mouth, tonsil hypertrophy without efflorescence, throat slightly red, she frequently cleaned her nose. Her stomach was calm, sensitive in epigastrium, she had not menstruated yet.

Recommended therapy:

Considering that the urine test had shown a marked deficiency in vitamin C, we started with infusions of vitamin C 15 g for six weeks, 1x a week, together with Glutathione 1200 mg, vitamin B complex and choline – Citicoline 1g – a drug with neuroprotective effects, and vitamin D3.

I have also recommended a parallel application of autopathy. Taking into account that the girl had initially found autopathy from saliva repulsive, we started with 1. week BB (boiled breath) 3 l daily, together with Prana 5 in another bottle 3 l every second day, 2. week 4 l BB every second day and Prana 5 every second day 3 l. In 14 days, her condition worsened: rhinitis, coughing out phlegm, discharge…which I took to be reverse symptoms, healing crisis, because the girl did not have increased temperature and the laboratory inflammation markers were very low in comparison to those when she was really ill. Unfortunately, her doctor prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics again.

Following the mother’s wish, we interrupted autopathy for 10 days and continued again when the antibiotic therapy ended. The girl agreed now to the use of saliva and so we applied BSB (boiled saliva and breath) 6 l 2x a week, alternating with Prana 5 4 l 2x a week and the following week BSB 7 l 2x a week and Prana 5 5 l 2x a week. The discharge gradually improved, the coughed-out phlegm changed color from yellow to clear to whitish, the corners of the mouth healed, digestion improved and so did the flatulence, the nodules decreased in size.

The following month the mother was away for 14 days on a business trip and the girl made autopathy alone under the supervision of her grandmother. As she herself said, she felt better and became a bit lazy. She made herself BSB 1-2x a week and also Prana 5, 1-2x a week.

After about 3 weeks she returned after a weekend with her father in a bad emotional state, she reproached her mother for having given her birth. I recommended trying Prana 1 and Prana 2 with 6 l and observing. She calmed down relatively quickly and told me that it was as if waves calmed down in her head, as if the left and the right hemispheres began to cooperate better, as if some connections were joined there. I recommended to try Prana 1 and 2 with 6 l again and to observe, perceive, which one seems to be better. And during this time not to use autopathy from saliva nor breath. In 14 days, the mother told me that Prana 2 is better for her daughter and for 14 days she used 2x a week 8 l and 14 days 2x a week 10 l. At the end of the third month I explained to the mother how to prepare an intestinal nosode. The daughter refused to take part in the preparation and so using a face mask and gloves the mother took a sample from her daughter’s stool and in a bottle used previously for saliva and breath she prepared an intestinal nosode from 15 l for her daughter. The day after that the girl had looser, paler stool, but the abdomen no longer hurt and generally she did not feel bad, on the contrary.

At the follow-up control in 3 months the girl felt increase of energy, she could not fall asleep a few times. She had better appetite, in three months she put on 2 kg.

We continued with autopathy another 3 months with two bottles – in one boiled saliva (BS) and in the other she alternated Prana 2 and Prana 5. Autopathy from boiled breath (BB) weekly, 8, 10, 12 and 14 l 1-2x a week, as she felt and as she wanted. Prana 2 1x a week 12 l and Prana 1 from 15 l.

Follow-up control in 6 months:

In the past half a year she was “only” 3x ill and during this time she was absent from school altogether “only” 4 weeks, considering that before autopathy she has not been in school for longer than a week at a time. Her blood tests improved, only slight neutropenia remained, count of lymphocytes and monocytes was in norm. In half a year she put on 4 kg and in an ultrasound examination at gynecology she learned that she will soon have her first menstruation (she was almost 15 years old). We continued with autopathy – again 2 bottles for Prana and for BB. Autopathy from BB 1-2 x a week 16 l and Prana 2 up to 20 l, 1x in 14 days she prepared Prana 5 from 18 l. She refused to make another nosode from stool and this system suited her.

Follow-up control in 9 months:

Laboratory tests were in norm, she began to spend her time with out of school activities and she successfully passed entry examinations to a high school. 1x a month she had some symptoms of a virus infection, which did not require antibiotics. To autopathy she added liposomal vitamin C and began to be interested in macrobiotic diet, her mother supported her in it. She stopped eating white sugar, flour, sweet milk, potatoes and nightshade plants. She found a male friend. For her 15th birthday she got a long wished for puppy and with her friend they went with it to dog training. The mother took all three courses in autopathy and now she calls me now and again when she needs advice in its use.

This case was presented at the Autopathy conference 2019.


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