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13.12.2019 | Alena Mokra | mokra.alena@gmail.com

Autopathy with my daughter and her son

Since childhood, my daughter has been allergic to pollen and in the spring, chemical drugs have been helping her to survive or rather suffer through this period. When she was pregnant, she was troubled again by these difficulties in the spring, however, allergy medications should not be used during pregnancy. It started with a runny nose, swelling of the eye and nose area, so I first recommended rinsing her nose with her own urine, which always brought her temporary relief. In addition, she also used a weak saline solution, which she sprayed into her nose, but it was autopathy that was the most effective. She only used 1.5 l boiled saliva (BS) twice, was without problems within a week and it lasted the whole summer. As soon as the complaints returned, one application of 1.5 l BS was enough to alleviate and reduce the symptoms. I just add that the boy was born healthy, lively and the birth was easy without any medication to support the childbirth or for pain relief. It is as if together with its mother, autopathy strengthened also the baby.


My daughter had decided only for the most necessary compulsory vaccinations for her children and postpones the term until they are no longer babies. After the vaccination, we always help the children with autopathy. We apply BS 6 l soon after the vaccination, as soon as we get home and then in the evening. In the subsequent two to three days as needed. We wash the saliva with water from a clean sterilized pacifier directly into the bottle or take it with a sterile dropper from the mouth. To alleviate the side effects, we also use detoxifying bath with sea salt for at least 20 minutes, sometimes longer, always according to the mood of the child, preferably within two hours after autopathy and no later than six hours after the vaccination.

At the injection site, where painful lumps and redness sometimes occur, we treat the skin with a drop of potentiated autopathic preparation simultaneously with its first application on the forehead and after drying with a urine poultice from the child’s urine passed after the vaccination (the urine contains information about the vaccination). The urine can be caught in a bowl before the salt bath. After the bath, the poultice is applied on the injection site and secured it so that the child cannot take it off. The next day, the needle mark is usually almost invisible and the surrounding skin has a normal color and is soft.

I must mention that the timing of all vaccinations also plays an important role. According to the principles of the effect of the moon on our body, we avoid vaccination on the days when the moon stands in the sign of Capricorn or Lion. At the same time, we choose the days when the moon wanes, when the body better disposes of everything harmful. It is also good to strengthen the child with suitable homeopathic remedies, both before and after the vaccination. And, last but not least, the baby must be absolutely healthy. No runny nose, cough, diarrhea, eczema or temperature. Ideally, even the immediate members of the family must be healthy. Then there is a chance that the child will be able to handle this health burden without any side-effects on health or only slight ones.

1. Vaccination (Pediacel) – my daughter’s boy, at the age of 8 months – it took place with the support of autopathy and salt baths without complications

2. Vaccination – at the age of one year. Here a reaction occurred on the 3rd day even after treatment with autopathy and salt baths. A suffocating cough appeared, which the doctor had not seen as a reaction to the vaccination, as it had not occurred within 48 hours. Everything had returned to normal within two days after regular application of autopathy.

3. Vaccination (Pediacel) took place at two years. My grandson had mastered it with the support of autopathy and salt baths and treatment of the injection site again without problems and side-effects.

Further autopathy with my daughter

During the second pregnancy, my daughter had again managed the allergy to pollen in the spring months with autopathy. This time she tried for a change boiled breath (BB) and breath without boiling 1.5 l, plus seawater and urine for rinsing. It always helped quickly, and when on the third day a worsening occurred, she repeated the potency. Thanks to autopathy, she did not have problems with allergy during the whole pregnancy and the birth was rapid, although it was preceded by a severe test for both mother and child.

In her 8th month of pregnancy, my daughter was travelling by tram. After sharp braking, a lady who was standing nearby fell on her. She fell on her belly and she also hit my daughter’s head with her elbow. The child pressed its head into the pelvis, causing its mother internal injuries. My daughter was in a very bad state. She had diarrhea, pain, occasional contractions. The physicians diagnosed hypertrophic fetus and set a deadline for induced labor. Before giving birth, my daughter made herself autopathy from Prana P5, 1.5 l. The birth in the 38th week was very fast, born was girl weighing 2570 g. Placenta was blackened, but otherwise everything turned out well. My daughter had soon recovered.

Here I feel that thanks also to autopathy, my granddaughter had well withstood her mother’s injury and the premature birth. Now she is over a year and a half old and she is a healthy, clever and physically fit child.

Separation anxiety in a prematurely born girl

After the birth, my granddaughter’s weight reduced to 2370 g and she wanted to be all the time with her mother, not only when feeding. She could fall asleep only in her arms. As soon as my daughter put her down, she started to cry. She had to carry her around strapped to her body. In her 6th week, my daughter prepared for her Prana 5, 1,5 l in a new bottle and then after a week Prana 2, 1,5 l, applied to the forehead (the little one had not even woken up). Over time, she repeated Prana often. Gradually the girl calmed down and after feeding it was possible to put her sleeping into her bed, without her waking up and crying.

 Autopathy for the extension of lactation

In the 7th month after giving birth, my daughter stopped producing milk. She was breastfeeding the first child for almost 12 months without problems and so she started to use homoeopathy, herbs and teas to promote lactation. But it did not help much now and so we tried to potentiate breast milk. Initially with boiling, in case inflammation was present, and subsequently without boiling. Always 1,5 l. It was interesting that within 12 hours the lactation usually increased, the breasts swelled up with milk, but then the milk production gradually decreased again, even after repeating autopathy. But even so, breastfeeding could be increased for a couple of months.

Autopathy in injury through accident – 8 months old girl after head injury

Last summer, my daughter and granddaughter experienced traumatic event again. In a defense maneuver resisting molestation, my daughter turned the pram sharply and the little girl fell out of it, hitting her head on the ground. My daughter called me right away because they were both in shock. We dealt with the situation by using Bach rescue remedy. The large lump with a hematoma was cooled by a water-compress on the spot, and then she immediately returned home with the children. There was not much time so she just used the bottle-cap method diluting saliva from the comforter and went to the hospital. There they kept both mother and child overnight for observation. I recommended using new autopathy bottle and prepared Prana 2 (against the shock), 1,5 l first, and then using the same bottle saliva without boiling 1,5 l. In the evening, my daughter repeated everything and then at night, at 11 PM, she made saliva without boiling 3 l. She soothed the hematoma with compresses from own urine (nursing woman is connected to the baby and her urine is full of defensive substances). In the evening she called me from the hospital saying that it was visibly improving and the hematoma is disappearing. In the morning, the baby had no bruising, and so the doctors released them concluding that the child is fine and without hematoma. My daughter continued with after-care using autopathy 6 l saliva without boiling. Its side-effect was that the little one started eating better. Until then, she had refused any other food than breast milk and my daughter had only enough for breastfeeding in the morning and in the evening and this only due to the strengthening by autopathy.

Here we really thank autopathy for quick help, although other methods are also effective. I know the rapid effect of urine compresses for the prevention of hematoma formation after injury or for its rapid absorption, but neither I nor my daughter had expected such a quick turn for the better.

Treatment of rhinitis and laryngitis in both grandchildren

My daughter uses autopathy for her children’s respiratory diseases. Watery discharge in starting rhinitis quickly changes character. It becomes thicker, one can drain it off better and the children are healthy within three days. In autumn 2018, my daughter and children were on a residential stay where the children learned to swim and were in the collective for the first time. When they returned home, both children fell ill with laryngitis.

In the boy‘s case, my daughter started with autopathy from boiled saliva and breath (BSB) 1,5 l. The boy (3 years) blew and spat into the bottle. In the afternoon, she increased to BSB 3 l. The boy had barking cough, kept waking up at night, suffered from shortness of breath in the morning and so she gave him BB 6 l. The condition had calmed down and the cough changed into a wet bronchitis cough. It lasted only two days this time and then the boy was already all right. Neither fever or inflammation settled on the bronchi, as I know it from the history of my children’s illnesses when they were small.

The granddaughter was not a year old yet and so the onset of the complaints was more severe. It was her first infection. A typical barking laryngitic cough began. Who has heard it, knows what I am talking about. My daughter immediately applied BS 6 l but the little one was still hoarse in the afternoon and so my daughter wanted to consult the condition with the district doctor. The doctor sent her to her cell phone a recipe for suppositories just in case. My daughter has not given them to the girl yet, because she had calmed down and fell asleep. In the evening they repeated autopathy BS 6 l, but at 12 o’clock at night there was an acute seizure, the little one was supple, like a rag doll, choking heavily and unable to breathe. My daughter immediately gave her the suppository containing corticosteroids and sat with her by open window for almost an hour. The breathing improved and the girl fell asleep. There was no time for autopathy, both children did not sleep and required care at the same time. In the morning, the baby’s condition deteriorated again. My daughter called the hospital and they told her that the second suppository cannot be given before 24 hours after the first one and so my daughter returned to autopathy BS 6 l. The condition calmed down slower than after the suppository, but more permanently. Until the next day, there was no sign of cough, nor did the cough turn into a bronchial one like in her brother’s case, and the two children were fine within 48 hours.

Compared to the standard treatment I know with my children, the time it took to return to health was incredibly short. In addition, my children always had temperature, laryngitis developed into bronchitis, cough with coughing out of phlegm lasted more than a week, and so I consider the development of the disease in my grandchildren to be almost a miracle.

Since my lecture at the Autopathy 2019 Conference, where I have spoken about these things, we continue with autopathy after vaccination of the children. My granddaughter has already mastered two hexavalent vaccines without any problems and the grandson even MMR.   

In my family, autopathy has already helped us in many ways. I have included it with other alternative healing procedures and I would certainly recommend to use these even in appropriate combinations. I know from the past how each method works and how can it help the body quickly, and I can say that in many cases, autopathy plays an irreplaceable role with its simplicity and speed.


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