Chakras, saliva and new information about developments in autopathy

14.5.2009 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Excerpts from the 2nd revised issue of the book Get Well with Autopathy that will be published in the autumn 2007

 Application to the sixth chakra 

Why do I prefer saliva and exhaled breath as suitable substances for dilution? Saliva is a very special liquid, which carries the perfect individual information of the entire organism. Breath exhaled from nostrils2 holds direct information about our prana, according to the yogic philosophy. Saliva and blood are also being used in forensic medicine for identification purposes. While blood changes its structure immediately after leaving the vascular system, saliva does not do this. Saliva, as opposed to urine, can leave the body quite fresh, immediately after it was created within the mouth. The breath does the same. And most importantly, both saliva and breath are created high in the fine-matter energetic system of a person, in the area between the fifth and sixth chakras.

The system of fine-matter energetic centers or chakras has been known in India, Tibet and China since time immemorial, while this information reached Europe and the United States only relatively recently, becoming common knowledge only in the second half of the twentieth century. While the lower chakras connect us with the earth and nature, the higher chakras provide a connection with the higher spheres of the Universe. This is where the fine-matter organizational system, which is responsible for our health, is also situated. This is what we aim for. Saliva and breath, created and captured high in the system, between the chakra of the throat and the third eye chakra, have the ability to resonate with these higher levels; they have been tuned in a similar way. This is why they also have the strongest effect on a person when applied in the area of the sixth or the highest bodily chakra (the seventh chakra being situated outside the physical organism). Therefore not in the mouth, but on the skin of the forehead, above the root of the nose. This spot of particular importance is often accentuated on statues and paintings, for instance on those of the Buddha.

Formerly, in accordance with the routine established by homeopathy, I used to recommend application only in the mouth. Then I realized that the founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann in his book Organon, written early in the 19th century, says in paragraphs 284 and 286 that for the strongly diluted substance of a high potency, “the skin of the body is adapted to the action of medicinal solutions”. As a homeopath, I have had a great deal of experience applying homeopathic remedies on the skin. Application of potentized diluted bodily information directly to the fine-matter energetic center of the sixth chakra is, in my opinion and in view of the latest findings, another practical contribution to this method. It is particularly effective, even in those cases that have become “frozen” in their development, as will be seen in the descriptions of cases of autopathic healing below. I wish also to emphasize that this is all about the fine-matter vibrational organizational system, the “vital force” or the “dynamis”, or “prana” or “chi”, which is being acted upon. For this reason I recommend this application as a standard (see also instructions which accompany the autopathy bottle), and this with excellent results, which extend the possibilities of autopathy further.

In application to the sixth chakra the potentized liquid slowly dries on the skin and its fine matter vibrations are not influenced by digestive fermentations in the mouth. One does not need to search for the exact position of the chakra. It is enough to moisten the middle of the forehead above the root of the nose. Or the whole forehead. Only some drops suffice. The superfluous water will flow down. Autopathy is a very young method (I use it five years) and it develops further. This development had not stopped until now and perhaps it will never stop. Some of my clients however did not abandon the previous application to the mouth and so they first applied some drops from the whirling chamber onto their forehead and then a few drops into the mouth. The simultaneous application of a dilution on the skin and to the mouth recommended, besides other things, also Hahnemann.

The experiences of a number of people, including my own, show that already the preparation of the dilution itself has a healing effect, already in the process of making the dilution the effect can be felt, without being in direct contact with the dilution. The common materialistic causality does not function here.

Regularly repeated use 

In the last year, I and some of my students use also a new kind of application. It was proven effective especially in cases, when the healing reaction was insignificant (either in one of the clients or generally), for example because of advanced serious pathology, or because of very strong conventional medication, or simply because of unknown (why not say karmic) reasons. I was inspired by a homeopathic method, often used in India, where the persons like to repeat the potentized medication often, in regular intervals, and this especially in cases of serious pathologies. It is a matter of repeating a particular potency regularly with only an occasional and slight increase.

An example: A client’s vitality overall corresponds to the potency of 3 liters (120 C). I recommend that she make the preparation in this potency, but rather than disposing of the bottle she is to put it back into the plastic bag and into the box. The water in bottle should be shaken out gently before, so that there is not much left. Once a week she should repeat the preparation in the same potency and using the same bottle, until further notice, let’s say for three months. If such repeated applications continue, it is necessary after three months to use a new bottle. We must not forget about memory of the glass, and about the fact that the basic vibrational image of our organism is gradually changing in time. After a longer period the bottle could mix old pictures with the new one. The preparation would thus be less effective or lose effectiveness altogether. Ideally, even in cases of frequent repeated applications a new bottle should always be used, however, this could be too costly in some cases.

With this approach I would increase the potency only by a liter, and only when it appears that the effect of repeated applications is weakening, or when the organism has been made stronger, so that it is possible to go higher. Very serious life threatening conditions, such as after a car accident or a coma, might require application every day or every other day – it has worked in three such cases of mine, when lives were saved unexpectedly. Similarly, in an advanced stage of very serious life threatening disease. However, daily application has been effective also in cases of not very serious chronic problems that were resistant to treatment for a long time. The most used interval in healing of chronic diseases is one week and the starting potency that was proved to be the most effective is 120 C /3 l water or one and a half minutes of water flow), with the exception of cases with very weak vitality. The potency can be increased occasionally, perhaps after one or four months, usually not by more than one liter and always after multiple repetitions of the same potency. If the client does not feel better after the increase of potency, or the contrary, we can go back to the one that worked well. See the chapter Very Short Descriptions of Cases. In time, when there is an improvement, the interval can be increased, for example to one month or more and the potency gradually increased, for example to 6 l and even more. In a couple of months we learn to perceive changes in physical and psychic level, which arrive in the first days or even hours after application (the waiting time can get shorter) and are able to recognize, which of the potencies is the most beneficial for us. When we have changed to a higher potency, which does not function as well as the previous one, there is no problem to return to the lower one. The eventual extension of the interval between the applications in the case of improving health does not have any theoretical limit and a very long-term effect of the last application can obviously be achieved this way.

The just described method of regular applications with gentle increases of potency has some advantages. Above all, it prevents relapses. If they happen, then we shorten the time period between applications. This could have special importance particularly in serious cases and also with self-treatment. We usually begin with the potency that is appropriate for the person’s vitality (see How to Determine the Potency Individually), but we could go a bit lower, expecting that we will reach the optimal potency in a few weeks. The results would indicate that with the more frequent applications a more significant vibrational influence is being made on the organizational center, than is the case with one-time application. This is supported by the Indian homeopaths’ experience, as well as Hahnemann’s records concerning the effectiveness of regularly applied applications of so-called LM potencies. To determine whether the case is still developing in accordance to Hering’s Law, or if there was a relapse, can sometimes be difficult even for an expert. With the method just described, it is simpler.

In short: We repeat in regular intervals, in most cases of one week, no matter if something happens or not. The moment we can clearly see that there has been a significant improvement or that the objective has been reached, we can suspend the applications, or significantly increase the time interval, to maintain status quo. We can resume applications if the problems reappear. This method also enables overcoming various health or psychic crises, for example reverse symptoms and this by application of the same potency which had been applied before in times when the condition worsens, therefore not after a week, as before, but for example already after 3 days, or every day, until the crises passes. Then we return to a regular application as before – for example weekly one.

When the autopathic dilution is prepared often, for example daily, or every second day, it is beneficial to install a carbon filter on the water tap for the removal of chlorine. With the filter the preparation of the potency 120 C takes one and a half minute.

To conclude this information about the new method of application it is necessary to say that she was tested only over a short time span and in a limited number of cases and so the method of single application for a long period of time remains in autopathy the basis.

Gradual application of potencies

Some English homeopaths used to apply constitutional remedy in such a way that several times in one single day they would prescribe an accessional range of the same constitutional remedy. Such as 30 C in the morning, 200 C at noon, 1 M in the evening – and no more. This should achieve a more pronounced reaction. In the long term, such application would have the same effectiveness as a one-time application. In autopathy I use a similar method since about a year. We know that within the autopathy bottle, the dilution during the preparation is increasing, and does so fluently. If we put the other free hand (the ends of the fingers will do) under the stream of water that flows out of the lower tube, and leave it there, perhaps only with short interruptions, throughout the process of preparation, then the skin of our fingers receives a gradually increased potency. At the end we apply the water left in the bottle, the highest reached potency, to the skin of the forehead. I call it progressive application of potency, and it has proved itself useful. I have been recommending this system in most cases, whether there is to be only one application for a long period or repeated applications at the beginning or during the later phases of the treatment.

Cases of application to the sixth chakra and repeated application in regular intervals

A woman, 27 years. She has been having autopathic treatment for several years. The latest potency was 1M (ten minutes under filter) five months ago, after which she was relatively healthy. She phones that she has a fever, up to 102.4 ºF, for the second day. She has a breast infection, it hurts and festers, she is about to stop breastfeeding. Psychologically she suddenly feels bad, crying without reason. Recommended autopathic preparation 400 C, 5 minutes under filter, applied on forehead, the 6th chakra. She applied it at noon, by 6 PM the temperature was down to 99, she felt significantly better; the sadness was followed by sense of joy. The next day she was already without a temperature or any other problems. Within two months her health further improved, she has no problems.

A woman, 50 years. For years she was having autopathic treatment with excellent results. However, about a month ago she had a skiing accident. Ever since, there has been a relapse. She constantly has a headache, she sleeps badly, and feels woeful. AP 1M (ten minutes under filter), applied on the frontal lobe chakra. Within two weeks her condition had improved and she began to feel very good, which she still does. The knee ligament injury healed well.  A woman, 27 years. Rheumatoid arthritis since the age of fourteen has left her body as if she was deformed. She wears bandages, she has very painful joints, which prevent her from getting decent sleep. Her knees are swollen. Lately, the tendons in the palms of her hands have been getting shorter. Because of this shortening of tendons she’s had several operations already; the condition is worsening. She has problems sitting down and standing up. She’s been on corticoids, and immunosuppressive medication for many years. AP 2 liters (80 C). Check-up in a month and a half: the joint pain had got worse and the knees became more swollen, then it returned to the previous condition. But the shortening of tendons had stopped. I recommended taking the preparation from two liters regularly once a week, applied to the forehead chakra. Check-up in six weeks. A fundamental change. She feels good, not being woken up by pains at night, the sense of shortening tendons has gone, a much better sense of wellbeing. Overall, as she says, an improvement by about a half. Recommended to continue with the dose of 2 liters once a week, but changing the bottle for a new one. Check-up in a month. The improvements are deepening; there was a great change in her health condition and her sense of well-being in such a short time. It came about after repeated applications onto the forehead, while the only application into the mouth did not bring any noteworthy improvements.

A woman 35 years old. She came with many problems and a history abundant with diseases. The main problem however is the constant tiredness, which gets catastrophically worse after meals, then she cannot do anything, as if she has a heavy flu. Tonsillitis very frequently (about sixty times in life), repeated cystitis and chronically irritated bladder with frequent compulsion to urinate, genital discharges and itching, recurrent dizziness, a pulse up to 90/min., aching kidneys, liver and gall bladder… In three years, after three repeated applications of autopathic preparations in rising potencies up to 2 M, much improved, including the tiredness, which nevertheless still fluctuates and persists. The problems have the tendency to recur and autopathy only brings about a temporary relief. I recommended AP from 2 liters once a week, for a month. Many problems improved during the month, those inner seated: the pulse and pains in the kidney and liver areas. The tiredness did not changed. Recommended AP from 3 liters, once a week, applied to forefront chakra. Check-up in a month and a half. The problems with the bladder have ceased, and the tiredness, for the first time since beginning the treatment has disappeared. She feels, perhaps the first time since childhood, healthy.


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