Autopathy is self-healing

27.4.2018 | Jiri Cehovsky |

Part of the lecture from the 10th Conference on Autopathy in Prague, January 2018

Autopathy provides everyone with the unique opportunity to observe own feelings and based on them to stipulate for oneself the three parameters – the level of dilution, the method of preparation and the frequency or the timing of its application. The person using autopathy can start from personal perceptions of own body and mind and proceed accordingly. In this respect he or she can rely on own feelings. Our feelings, our own body and mind, own experiences as we perceive them – it is something that forms our life, our world, of which each of us is a natural centre. However, at the same time in the European cultural context, this way of perceiving the world is strongly opposed and suppressed, especially from the positions of authority.

It is given the label of being “subjective”. Which usually, and this not only in the conventional medicine, but also in science, can mean something like “irrelevant, unsound, untrue, unverified”. It is “merely subjective” and therefore allotted to the spheres of fiction, poesy, literature and art in general. In reality, there is nothing more verified, real and concrete for us then our own feelings, our own subjective impressions and our own experiences. Own life feeling. Each of us is a natural centre of the world of own experience. The display of own feelings and observations shows us the best what happens in us and around us. But it especially shows us to which extent are we tuned/out of tune for the reception of vital force, prana and thus to which extent are we healthy/ill. No one but you can see into these feelings. You are always the one who knows the most about your vital force.

The consultant’s role is to explain this to people. The consultant is in this respect a kind of a teacher. Some people accept the role of the self-healer very well and are successful in it, soon they no longer need a consultant and find solutions themselves. Autopathy provides them with a very simple and principally harmless tool. Others, thanks to their upbringing and sociocultural programming, need a consultant longer, possibly even for an unlimited time.

A person, especially man, is brought up in this culture to assign the role of the one who knows everything about him and knows what is good for him and therefore makes decisions for him, to “wise men”. It used to be in the past a shaman, a priest, now it is a physician or some university capacity in this or that discipline of science…, or some politician, etc. But this “wise man/woman”, a person, to whom I give the right to know and to decide about me on my behalf can be also a healer, a homeopath or an autopathy consultant. And it is exactly in autopathy, where this can limit to a certain extent its possibilities, and this mainly in longer time laps. However, under the supervision of the consultant, the client usually becomes the one who then takes things into his hands. That is why Autopathy is principally more or less self-healing, healing of oneself.

The way to autopathy is usually such that initially we want to resolve something in us, thus starting with us and only after this we offer, led by compassion with helplessly suffering people, to help them as well.  That is the start of self-help. We help the uncle, friend, mother and other people. But at the end it is up to them, how far they will get. It is up to the person, if he or she becomes aware of his or her central role in the centre of their own Universe and how he or she is able to influence it, including the own body and mind, a necessary starting point.

Do not believe it, when I tell you that the distant galaxy is trillion times bigger than you are and you are smaller than an ant. No – in reality it is only as big, as you see it. So small a relevance it bears for you. The same is valid for the stars in the fields of media or politics. And do not believe it, when they tell you, that you do not understand and know anything about the complexity of the physical body, the Universe, the mind and the true good – in comparison to the various big names in science or politics and similar, whom you have to obey, and with whom you cannot measure yourself – and who, in contrast to you, know, what is good for you. And to these tools of manipulation belong also the claims that we are only matter: hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, calcium…Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Taoist medicine, yoga and other systems and for us not in the last place autopathy, prove, that this is not the case. That there is a universal information source, through which we are permanently connected by means of vital force, and whose part we are. There is a fine matter part of our identity, very important for our feelings and our health, which everyone who makes practical experience with autopathy can easily ascertain. We should trust in our own experience, where each of us is at its centre, trust our subjective feelings, work on improving our life feeling, learn how to handle our vital force that connects us to the Universe and it is here, where the  journey to greater harmony and happiness has its course.


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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