Autopathy – harmony from own saliva III.

3.8.2008 | Jiri Cehovsky |

The article series was published in the magazine Medunka in 2006

In the previous two parts of the series I have already written something about the principles of autopathy and about the determination of the level of the homeopathic dilution from own saliva. How does it go on?

Autopathic healing and self-healing has its own tested procedures, adopted from classical homeopathy. Before the first application of an autopathic dilution we write in detail the initial condition of our client’s body and mind. All subjectively or objectively perceived and observed disharmonies of the body and the mind, and this not only large ones, but also small and negligible ones. Each one of us has a number of ailments. People with only one ailment are really very unusual. We write down everything that the client would like to improve.

The client buys himself a notice book and writes everything in it all the more significant changes in his/her condition that have taken place after the application of his/her diluted saliva and marked deviations from the usual daily fluctuations, noting the date.

Once in a while, for example once in two months, we compare the actual condition with the initial one that we noted down, each individual disharmony, ailment or problem separately. We note by each of the disharmonies if a change took place and what it was. We have to bear in mind, especially in the case of long-term and many years lasting disharmonies that it is a case of a gradual and long-term harmonisation process, which does not have to be easy. Should doubts concerning the general development arise, it is beneficial to contact an experienced consultant in autopathy. Or to buy at least one of the books about autopathy.

Autopathy must be repeated, and this in a correct, individually appropriate level of dilution (potency) and at the right moment. Autopathy does not mean a sudden change, but is a gradual process of removing long-term complaints, sometimes established even for decades. It is a journey. A new application of the dilution can be considered at the earliest three months after the first application, but usually considerably later, even after a year or two. And this also when using a low potency of 40C. Repeating the application is suitable when the effect of the positive resonance on the spiritual fine matter organisation centre ceases and  some of the disharmonies which were already improved or removed start to worsen again as seen from  a long-term point of view (14 days and more), and when the initial and less satisfactory state, which existed before the application, starts to return. We identify this by comparing the older notes in the notice book, each position separately, with the current condition. Hering’s Law of Cure, used in classic homeopathy, can assist us in the decision if a new application of autopathic dilution is appropriate or not. The autopathic dilution returns the healthy vibrations to the fine matter centre, whose improved functioning is gradually transferred to its nearest spheres, which is the mind, then to the body organs such as liver or kidneys and to the periphery where the skin, the mucus membrane of the nose, the hair, etc., are. Thus our condition improves in the direction from within out. For example: first my migraines passed (brain), then the old liver disorder, but the skin rush remains. Thus the reaction to the dilution proceeds correctly – from within out. Inner ailments heal first (brain, liver), surface ones later. In this situation we therefore wait, do not use further application, the development alone may bring the healing of the skin rush about. In the case of a relapse, the return to the initial pathology, the symptoms start to develop in the opposite direction of the Hering’s Law. Here it is necessary to apply a new dilution. The application of the Hering’s Law of Cure is sometimes more complex and requires detailed knowledge of the subject. In simpler cases self-healing of smaller chronic ailments of the body and mind is possible.

When we repeat the preparation, we usually increase the level of the dilution, sometimes only slightly, sometimes up to the double amount of the water that was used in the first application.

As the most effective, reliable and at the same time also the easiest form of the preparation I suggest the last three years the autopathic harmony bottle. The most of my positive experiences with autopathy are connected with this device. It is a case of a gradual homeopathic dilution on the principle of strong whirling in the lower part of the glass vessel (see photo). The procedure is basically simple: spit into the bottle and pour in several litres of water. The water that remains in the lower part of the bottle is poured into the mouth. Finished. The attached one page instructions assist the correct application of the bottle. The last model of the bottle with the whirling chamber uses for the potencing the so called centripetal, centrifugal vortex, which, according to the Austrian Philosopher Viktor Schauberg, represents the principle creative movement system in the Universe.

Recently I have discovered an interesting improvement, which leads to even more pronounced results: During the preparation in the autopathy bottle it is possible to use a whole series of increasing potencies. The organism is thus better and more effectively tuned to receive the creative vibrations of fine matter life energy, flowing from the spiritual creative sphere. The preparation is done exactly according to the instructions, but with a small change: approximately after each litre poured in, we insert a finger under the water that pours out of the bottle and lick it. Then we continue using the dilution as in the attached instruction sheet. When we make the preparation for someone else, we can use a sterilised teaspoon. This method also enables us to reach with the potency as near as possible the fine matter level, where our disturbance is situated and which hinders the flow of vital information. Everybody has his/her own optimal potency, which it is we do not know.

And what is all this alchemy (it really is alchemy) for? After its use, many long-term ailments disappeared, chronic eczemas in adults and infants, many headaches, many menstrual disorders, the joints got better, anxieties and depressions passed, as did the fatigue syndrome….Feverish illnesses usually got better after 24 hours after the application. But note! Autopathy does not heal illnesses. It heals our fine matter spiritual organisation centre and returns it its harmony. The passing of the ailments is a secondary effect, a logical culmination of the whole process.

I dare to say, and I will develop this subject more in the next article, that autopathy was known to the wise already hundreds of years ago. Information about it can be found mainly in the Buddhist, but also in other traditions.



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