Autopathic preparation from pus – rescued at the last moment

25.4.2016 | Krystof Cehovsky |

I usually write case studies of my clients, but this time I would like to share my own experience with autopathy from the viewpoint of the healed.

This happened about six years ago, when I was 22 years old. At that time I used autopathy only occasionally during various virus infections, but I have not been applying it regularly. It was not necessary, I was generally healthy and fit.

Since I was a teenager, I used to ride downhill and freeride on a mountain bike, which cannot be considered to be a particularly safe sport, but I managed to get through with a couple of  abrasions, bruises and one more serious brain concussion.

This “luck” abandoned me at a moment, when on one sunny summer day I did not complete the jump Slideand dove with the front wheel and subsequently with my face, into the opposite landing ground. As I result, I cracked my forearm, which, when moved, hung loosely as a piece of paper in the wind. The medical pre-surgery report stated that it was a case of open comminuted fracture of the ulna and the radius. On the next day, I have undergone a rather complicated surgery, in which titanium implants were incorporated lengthwise in both of the bones. After a couple of days I could leave the hospital.

Besides the non-functional hand, which I tried to repair during the first month through physiotherapy and where the therapist Marie Valaskova (today my colleague) had helped me very much with the hand’s ability to move, I had a problem with a continual discharge of pus from the scar, where during the accident the elbow bone punctured the tissue and protruded outside.  It did not heal for about a month and the surgeon stated that probably bone splitters remained in this area and that it is necessary for me to undergo a new surgery under full anesthesia, in which the arm will be opened again and cleaned. This was a very bad news for me and I went home with the thought that in a few days I will go under the knife again. At the last moment before the coming surgery, my father told me to take with a dropper a little from the discharged pus from the scar, put it in the autopathy bottle, boil it and dilute it with three liters. I applied the autopathic preparation orally then.

The day after this I came, all packed, to the hospital to the pre-surgery examination and the subsequent surgery. The physician removed the bandage from my arm to examine the festered wound. Surprisingly, this was after more than a month completely closed and on the bandage remained a bone splitter of several millimeters with a small amount of pus. I took my things and went home. It was only on the way home that I remembered that yesterday I had made the autoisopathic preparation from the pus and that it cannot be a pure chance that a few hours after its application the wound spontaneously healed itself.

In my consultancy practice, I occasionally recommend similar procedure to my clients and so I continue encountering such development after the application of an autopathic preparation from pathological material. In our otherwise holistic method of healing, this symptomatic healing thus finds its concrete use.


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