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Self-help cure of depression and migraines after webinar on autopathy

A lady over fifty came to me and explained why she did that:

She had suffered from migraines since she was twenty, for more than thirty years.

She also had severe depressions in the last year. She immediately added: “I don’t have them anymore. They passed after autopathy – and …

Eczema, bad health and the return to harmony

The cure of eczema and other allergic conditions is not uncommon in autopathy and was reported many time at annual  conferences or on the internet. Here is another case showing that it can be done, although it may not always be a simple path.

A mother comes to my practice …

Twenty years on autopathy

She first came to me in the late nineties, she was 35 years old, with 2 children. Main physical complaint – back pain in sacral region radiating to loins, getting worse when working in the kitchen, improved by hiking. After the birth of her 1st child, problems with urinating began, …

A story from another world?

A girl, 4 years old. Allergies, tonsillitis, bronchitis, eczema and other problems so often plaguing today’s child population – she does not know them at all. Her parents think that it is because she has been treated with autopathy for a long time, practically since birth. Autopathic preparation is used …

Forgetting autopathy: A case of unnecessary suffering

Middle-aged woman, initial interview in 2006:

Psychic problems, anxiety states. They appeare in certain periods of her life, recently she has been having really big problems. However, feelings of fear have plagued her since childhood. Her chest tightness, usually in the morning, increased anxiety, deep depression. It was the worst …

Joint pain

A woman in her 60s, clearly overweight. Her problem is arthritis, joint pain. It restricts her movement. The pain often wakes her up, she sleeps poorly.

It started in the thumb of the right hand, then four years ago, her right knee became sore – the doctor found it to …

Boiled saliva and breath or There is always something new to discover

In our practice we are always discovering something new.  This includes also the methods and techniques of autopathy, with which we are already well acquainted, have been using them for years and which are described in my books. Lately, I have been recommending boiled saliva and breath (BSB) quite often, …

Information from the 7th chakra – effect on all levels

The reason for any disharmony (disorder) of the body and mind is dissonance in the reception of the life force, prana, which shapes us, endows us with consciousness, feelings, thinking, order, love and also energy or resilience. Prana, the information flow of yin and yang (a binary code in modern …

Alternation of several types of preparation in complex cases

The combination of several types of autopathy preparations is sometimes appropriate or even necessary. Here is one of the cases:

A 67-year-old woman came to see me at my counseling practice. She took part in two autopathy courses. She started with self-care 4 months ago that only helped her a …

I didn’t wake up until nine this morning

I didn’t wake up until nine this morning. I went to bed at eleven, which means ten hour sleep with two short breaks. But it was about time, the two previous nights I often woke up, the breaks were long and during the day I was tired and irritated. Yesterday, …


Webinars introducing to the basics of autopathy are organised in English for international therapists, medical practitioners and persons interested in self-healing.

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