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Does it still make sense to stay in this world


A 71-year-old man, retired, used to work as a thatcher, height 174 cm / 76 kg.

Polyarthritis of the weight-bearing-joints, gonarthrosis and coxarthrosis bilat. gr. III, omarthritis l. Dx, vertebrogenic algic syndrome, lumbar spondylarthrosis, polymorbid patient.

Pharmacological anamnesis: chondroprotectives, enzymes – Novaflex plus, Liascledin 300, NSA, Warfarin, Micardis Plus …

Lyme disease

51-year-old woman, stopped smoking at 45, obese – weighs 89 kg, previously worked as a clerk, now self-employed.

Personal anamnesis: common childhood diseases, in childhood frequent catarrh of the upper respiratory tract and angina, 2x otitis with paracentesis – a medical procedure of piercing the eardrum with subsequent extraction of …

A 16-year old girl, infectious mononucleosis

A lecture from the conference on Autopathy, February 2019

A girl, 171 cm / 62 kg, from first physiological pregnancy, prolonged birth after induction, postpartum adaptation and normal development, breastfed for over a year, the mother cares for healthy nutrition, leads a macrobiotic lifestyle. From the common childhood diseases, she …

Immunodeficiency in a young girl

A girl, age 14, the only child, the mother was monitored in pregnancy because of advanced age, spontaneous birth, 4 days phototherapy for icterus neonatorum. Frequent upper respiratory ways infections and inflammations of the middle ear.

Problematic family background, parents divorced when she was 2 years old, at the beginning …

Arthrosis, joint pain

Arthrosis, joint pain

Woman, over thirty years of age.

5 cigarettes a week, alcohol occasionally – wine, coffee 1-2 daily

Pollen allergy – spring pollen

Medical history:

Neurol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – Nimesulide, Ibuprofen, occasionally Zolpidem for insomnia, anxiolytic Atarax in anxiety

Surgery: At 13 years tonsillectomy, at 15 appendectomy …

Patient with Morbus Kahler (Multiple myeloma, Plastocytoma)

From a contribution at the Autopathy Conference 2017

Good day, from the many cases I select this one, which seems exemplary to me and where, thanks to Autopathy, the health condition was significantly improved. Also improved was the quality of life and the organism´s immunity and homeostasis was restored.

Multiple …

Depressive disorder

Contribution from the VIII. Conference on autopathy, 2016

A man, about 50 years of age, university graduate, after the graduation unable to utilize his abilities in life, unable to find a partner and to form a normal relationship and a family, is unemployed, lives with his mother, has several years …

Infertility, gynaecological problems, migraines

A young woman, just past thirty, came to my practice in the spring of 2015. She and her partner were trying already four years to conceive a child, in wain. All attempts for healing, also alternative one, exercises according to Ludmila Mojzisova, as well as an attempt for IVF in …

Autism, boy aged 10

The boy was born prematurely in the 34th week of physiological pregnancy due to premature rupture of membranes and a high-risk birth after the mother having an accident before the birth – she had fallen down the stairs. The weight at birth was 2450 g, the after-birth adaptation was in …

Condition after an ischemic stroke

From the Conference on Autopathy 2015

A woman, 68 years of age. In July 2014 – sudden headaches, disorientation, inability to express herself, slurred speech. She is submitted to the Intensive Care and Diagnostic Centre of the FNHK (University Hospital Hradec Kralove), where she undergoes thrombolysis for ischemic stroke. Without …


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